Valiant Surface-to-Surface Artillery

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Flag State: Terran Democratic Republic
Civilian Ship: No
Type: Surface-to-Surface Artillery
Purpose: Assault Craft

Key Figures

Length: 15,7 m
Width: 5 m
Height: 3,5 m
Crew: 2 (pilot, weapons)
Compartments: 1

Comparative Ratings


Basic Description

Designed to be exportable to other OIP species, the Valiant surface-to-surface missile artillery carrier system is an easy-to-modify missile carrying system. The Terran version of the Valiant, has been specifically designed to nail down other surface-to-surface artillery guns, but has also been designed to destroy tanks and of course to pin down large number of enemy troops. Its missile systems are all cluster missiles, firing large amounts of damaging ammunition not targeted specifically against a focal point but rather a whole area.

The Valiant Surface-to-Surface platform is equipped with 12 missiles or 8 Cluster Bombs at any-single point, giving it significant anti-surface firepower. The Valiant, however, lacks any anti-missile defensive weaponry and relies on its Patriot counterpart for protection.

Hover Propulsion System

Manufacturer: Raytheon, Earth
Model: R1122 Ion Reactor
Ground Lift: 15 m
Normal Speed: 65 km/h
Emergency Speed: 78 km/h
Maximum Speed: 79 km/h

Special Systems

Onboard System
Name: Modular Weapons Systems
Manufacturer: Raytheon, Earth
Description of System:

The Valiant is an unarmed craft at its base, that is then supplemented with armament modules that all carry significant firepower.

Module 1

  • Manufacturer: Raytheon Weapons Division, Earth
  • Model: V-4101-T Surface-to-Surface Anti-Tank Cluster Missiles
  • Range: 870 kilometres
  • Missiles Payload: 12 missiles

Module 2

  • Manufacturer: Raytheon Weapons Division, Earth
  • Model: V-4101-A Surface-to-Surface Anti-Artillery Cluster Missiles
  • Range: 2500 kilometres
  • Missiles Payload: 12 missiles

Module 3

  • Manufacturer: Lasange Royal Artillery Armaments Consortium, Avran II
  • Model: V-4101-P Anti-Personnel Cluster Bombs
  • Range: 100 kilometres
  • Missiles Payload: 8 Bombs
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