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Basic Details

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Key Species Traits: Bird-like beak, furry feathers, talon-like hands & feet, amber eyes.
Original Homeworld(s): Esau
Faction(s) where found: Buhaat Conglomerate
Population: 110,000

Physical Characteristics

Average Weight: 81.6 kg
Average Height: 1.89 m
Maturing Cycle:

Buhaat have a strange pattern of growth, often causing some confusion among species. Basically, they stay in their prime longer, often going as far as 30 years a child. At about 32, they begin puberty, staying in that state until about 50. From 51 to 125, young adulthood, and at 140 to 158 middle adulthood. The rest is old age.

Biological Traits:

They look like birds of prey, often having talons for hands and feet, and a furry feathers that serve as insulation. The coloring shows how "royal" they are. Typical colors are a yellowish brown, tan mix, while the Monarchy is shown in blue (rare) and red (super rare). 

Their eyes can 'see' in better detail, often in, say, 3x the sight of a human.

They're also profound omnivores, mainly preying on giant insects.

Relationships and Family Structures:

Relationships and sexual behaviour:
Males and females typically have equal ground, with females having to be the one who traditional asks for marriage (backwards). 

Either side can divorce if they feel dissatisfied
Family Structures:

The Grandfather is actually the head of the household, aiding and overseeing their offspring take care of their grandchildren. An extended family is always together in the same house. 

In some ways, they're similar to some European families, who always are under the same roof. Most Buhaat are not as eager to let go or leave their familial units, unlike others. This bond helped keep the Buhaat alive throughout their history, even in the near genocide 30 years ago.

Societal Structures

Societal details:
Remembering from their colorization of their feathers, three very important sections of society affect how a Buhaat lives (at least in the Old Monarchy). These three are known as:
  • Gaopen are the royals, becoming the leaders of the Old Monarchy, and using their power to make most of the decisions for the people. They're usually red.
  • Gaobun are the Upper-Class members, and would be apart of the Old Buhaat Congress, helping with the Monarchs. Are mostly blue colored.
  • Saobun  is the commoner among the ranks. This is where soldiers, merchants, farmers, etc. are at. They make the system work, and help make the commonwealth great.


Language details:

Their language is dead, although some very old members of their species speak an old language called "Chovaal Latin". The name is rather misleading, as it sounds closer to a mix of Celtic, Russian, & Mandarin Chinese.

Most linguists can't fully understand what they're trying to say, so those who want to communicate would abandon it for English, among other languages they're capable to pronounce effectively.

Common phrases used:
  1. May the stars serve you well (Good luck)
  2. Peace to You (Goodbye)
  3. Peace be with Us ( Welcome)
  4. Bakune (A very major/mild curse)
  5. Don't Cause a Pain in the Talon ( "Don't be rude")

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