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Diffraction-red laser-diffraction grating PNr0126
Focal lens used primarily for hand-held laser weapons
The Self-Cooling Focal Lens or SCFL (pronounced "scuffle") is a military-grade lens for laser weapon systems.

The SCFL includes a lens to focus the laser, cooling coil, liquid nitrogen and filtration, re-freezer and storage systems for the nitrogen.


The focal lens provides roughly a 5% increase in range, however, the farther a laser travels the less potent it becomes. This makes long shots impractical as it wastes energy and is typically used as probing or warning shots.

As the focal lens increase range, it also increases laser damage at close range. It increases the lasers power between 6-12%, with an average of 9%.

Limitations discovered by Grivyk Technology and Services scientists

The combination of coil and liquid nitrogen was an interesting discovery of Grivyk Technology and Services scientists. Supposedly more efficient cooling liquids have been discovered over the centuries, but the scientists found that liquid nitrogen worked the best with the system they had.

 The coil and nitrogen cools the laser down between 20-43%, with and average of 35%. The large range is due to the age of the nitrogen. The longer the nitrogen is used, the less efficient it becomes. This requires the nitrogen to be replaced three times a year. Using this cooling system can be quite costly.

Due to the dramatic increase in heat dissipated, the rate of fire can be increased between 12-25%. The amount increased is determined by how "trigger happy" a captain and the laser gunner are.

Current active military applications

The SCFL was designed, developed and produced by GTS. The only known SCFL systems in use are on UNPPF military ships.


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