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OIP efforts to improve anti-Yanker  device efficiency

The Organisation of Interstellar Peace commissioned a research project to begin drawing up plans for a ship that could correct the imbalance simply by entering the area, a quicker, easier and cheaper way of correcting a Vraltium/Zaticus imbalance, however such a project was scrapped for funding reasons before the plans of the ship left the drawing boards.

Introduction to the Yankers

Known as the Yanker in Terran military vernacular, the VDS System is commonly installed on large stations that are positioned along a major power's border. Along hostile borders, these Yankers are protected by large numbers of stationary weapons platforms, which work in unison with the power's fleet to ensure that the border is not breached.

The Yanker effectively draws a ship back from Vortex space. If the proper codes are not transmitted upon approaching the border, then the Yanker will not be disengaged, the ship will not be permitted to pass in Vortex Space and if it tries, it will be returned (quite violently) to normal space, and attacked by the defence platforms.

Common defensive military usage

Yankers are commonly only employed in defensive grids, as they consume so much power that they are difficult to provide with weapons. Yankers have only the most limited defence capability, and thus make themselves easy targets when not under the shield of the defensive grid.

Between the borders of peaceful powers, these Yankers may not exist, or may not be supplemented by stationary weapons platforms. However, along hostile borders these devices are laid out in force, to ensure that an enemy fleet does not simply fly straight over the border.

How they work

The Yanker creates an imbalance between Vraltium and Zaticus particles by accelerating these particles in to Vortex Space in a central chamber. This causes an instability in Vortex Space, and thus all ships are returned to real space.

The Yanker can be fairly dangerous in that the imbalance remains after the Yanker has been removed. This is why "Anti-Yanker" devices have been created, which correct the Vortex Space imbalance by producing the opposite type of particle, until Vortex travel is possible once again.

As a result, during war-time, progress across a border can be slow, because it is necessary to correct the imbalances created by Yanker technology.

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