The Grekks

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The Grekks are an illegal pirate organisation working out of the Doncarst system in neutral territory. They are composed solely of Doncarsts, who inhabit the third and sixth planet in the system, and follow a strict code, known as the Sashart Doe. Each member of the Grekks has an identifying symbol on their arms, despite this making them easier to identify.

Dealing with this group however, who plunder the neutral worlds between the empires and the outer systems of the Luna Minoris Confederacy, has proven difficult. The Doncarst authorities have been well bribed to drag their feet on investigations, and national sovereignty issues prevent other governments from taking matters in to their own hands and stamping out the source of the Grekks.

Debates about an interplanetary investigatory force from the O.I.P., who would be tasked with dealing with the Grekk problem, have stalled in their preliminary stages. There are rumours that key Ambassadors, vital to pushing any such mandate through, have been "convinced" not to by the Grekks.
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