Taurii Military

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Small but highly professional military force

The Taurii military is a small but professional military force that has been built mostly from imported military technology. The Taurii, having very little domestic military industry, import from a variety of sources including the region around Gohorn Minor as well as the Terran Democratic Republic and the Rosebourg Monarchy.

Financed by trade to maintain itself, a mercenary force

The Taurii military is also a money maker - in order to benefit from military protection within Taurii space, the Taurii military must be paid by civilian starships a fee per days the Taurii military is used for protection.

The Government also pays each year a price in order to have its own facilities and personnel moved around safely. Whilst this price is reduced (compared to civilian clients), it still represents an unusual relationship rarely duplicated in the Known Universe.

In essence, the Taurri military is a mercenary force - performing its role efficiently and effectively but for a price.

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