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Gohorn Directorate

Census Details

Homeworlds: Odax
Major Species: Batak
Territory: 3 star systems
Population: 189 billion inhabitants
Sub-Faction: No

Comparative Details

Excellent miners, survive harsh conditions well
Fractured society
Social Indicators:
Tech Level:
Galactic Influence:

Faction’s Details

Stubborn, tenacious and incredibly troublesome for their Gohorn Overseers, the Batax are a recent conquest of the Gohorn Directorate. Formerly the Batax Conglomerate of Corporate Worlds, they were the final conquest of the Gohorn Directorate before the internal Gohorn revolution and their admittance as a member of the Organisation for Interstellar Peace.
Current Government Type:
Anarchic conditions reign on the Batax Worlds, and only the iron-fist of the Remteklar has prevented total collapse. The situation is gradually improving, if only by virtue of the number of Batax steadily diminishing as they fight amongst themselves, regardless of Gohorn intervention.
Social, Economic, Cultural Details:

The Batax Worlds are rich in natural resources, specifically several minerals needed to build enhanced focusing mirrors for the latest generation of Gohorn laser technology and for construction on colony planets.

Before conquest, the Batax were very wealthy. This wealth was accumulated from their colony worlds, which were specially chosen because of their high content of natural resources. Many of the Batax Worlds are inhospitable, but that does not concern the hardy Batax, whose sole obsession for a hundred years has been the accumulation of wealth for the gods, as mandated by those self-same gods.

Before Gohorn conquest, these "gods" were actually a royal family of sorts, to whom all of the Batax swore absolute loyalty. However, upon the arrival of the Directorate the gods were executed, and this has caused the single biggest shockwave through the Batax culture, more so than occupation by the Directorate.

Upon the death of their gods, Batax culture fractured in to chaos, and the Directorate has spent the past one hundred years attempting to quell the chaos on the Batax Worlds, without damaging the natural resources there, and without killing too many of the population as the Batax are very capable miners.

Additional Details:

The Batax are short by human standard, averaging only 1 meter tall. They are humanoid, with gold skin and hair all over the upper part of their body, including the head.

They have small, purple eyes, a snout and a mouth filled with jagged, though clean golden teeth.

Batax are normally seen wearing simple brown garments, though this is no indication of their wealth as a people.

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