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Fusion bombs are the weapon of mass destruction of the 26th century. They are sometimes used in both planetary and space combat theatres.

In the same way that in the 20th Century on Earth, nuclear weapons served as terrifying weapons and scourges on planetary security, so too are 26th Century Fusion Bombs - weapons that are even more deadly and destructive.

Strategic use in the First Terran-Gohorn War and long-term environmental impact

During the First Terran/Gohorn War, fusion bombs were used to dislodge one power from a planet, however the effects of using these bombs were soon felt. They were found to be so destructive and powerful that they had adverse effects on the atmospheres of the planets. The Fusion Bombs super-heated so much air that they started to bleed away atmospheres on the planets they were used on.

Ecosystems were badly effected and on two planets where Fusion Bombs were used most intensely, Chi Epsilon and Navorn VI, the atmosphere was completely destroyed, rendering them uninhabitable.

Countermeasures to fusion bomb attacks

Combative measures against Fusion Bombs have been developed. The FBLPDS (Fusion Bomb Laser Point Defence System - the "Stinger") can effectively destroy most Fusion Bombs before they detonate. These are standard equipment aboard military starships and are also frequently equipped about planetary installations.

Efforts to ban the manufacture and use of fusion bombs

The Organisation for Interstellar Peace has on numerous occasions attempted to secure an interstellar ban on the manufacture and use of fusion bombs. Fusion bombs have indeed no longer been employed by any of the major powers since the last major war, though an outright ban was never secured.

The Rosebourg Monarchy, considering itself to be a noble institution, has publically refuted any possibility of the use of Fusion Bombs in war-time.

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