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It's time to make it official: Say hello to the Clarel Class warship

  Frode has been working as part of our graphics design team for many years, but it's only this weekend that the years of hard work on his part have led to a fruition. A lot of of the website we use daily would not have been possible without Frode's contributions, but this accomplishment goes way beyond this.

The New Worlds Project team are extremely proud to announce that the R.M.R.S. Clarel has been fully rendered in 3D and what a beautiful sight she is to behold.

You can find her on our Graphics Workshop and the technical specification file for the Clarel has been updated with the first of what we know will be many glory shots. The images are ? Frode Abrahamsen, all rights reserved.

Those of you who want your characters to be crewmembers of a ship like that, can get in touch with AOM TealFox who hopes to re-launch the R.M.R.S. Houba storylines which just happens to be... a closely related cousin to the Clarel class.

The Clarel Class destroyer's powerful laser guns fire a salvo

The torpedo and missile tubes stand ready and waiting to launch

The Clarel is a fast and sleak warship designed for a low sensor profile

A closer view at one of the galaxy's most famous warships.

Even from above, the Clarel's strength and agility is clear for all to see.

Awesome views of the Clarel from starboard side.


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