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L.M.S. Luna Minoris

A flagship on paper, a symbol of the Confederacy's growing power
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Advanced Technical Specification Files

The Luna Minoris embraces the LMC design choice to favour integrating the important systems of the ship right down at its heart. This ensures that the Command Centre is amongst the most heavily defended sections of the starship. The Luna Minoris has also been equipped with a variety of luxuries not found aboard Ventaar class battleships. These include the Strategic Command and Control Centre which has been specifically designed to give the Luna Minoris' Commanding Officer the capability to control large starship forces under his direct jurisdiction. Likewise, an observatory which gives a breathtaking view of space has been installed on the top of the starship, and a similarly breathtaking room the Room of Treaties is designed to provide a location for the pursuit of diplomatic negotiations. The Luna Minoris has been particularly well equipped to handle other mission parameters - including those of light fightercraft carrier, or support transport ship in the event a small 200-member armed force needed to be deployed. Although not yet constructed, the Luna Minoris will quickly take on its role as one of the most capable starship of its type.

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