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Ventaar Heavy Battleship

The planned ship of the line of the Confederate Spacefleet
in The 26th Century > Space Vehicles & Facility > Starships > Confederate Spacefleet - L.M.C. Ships
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Author Information
Advanced Technical Specification Files

45 Decks.
Deck 01: Fore and Aft Laser Turrets
Deck 02: Starboard and Port Laser Turrets
Deck 03: Missile Launchers
Deck 04: Torpedo Launchers
Deck 05: Flight Deck Control Centre
Deck 06: Support Crafts Bay
Deck 10: Training Centre
Deck 11: Cargo Bays
Deck 12: Cargo Bays
Deck 13: Anti-Fightercraft Gun Batteries
Deck 14: Cargo Bays
Deck 15: Armory, Brig Areas
Deck 16: Weapons Control Centre
Deck 17: Central Command Area
Deck 18: Communications Centre
Deck 19: Mess Halls - Starship crew
Deck 20: Cargo Bays
Deck 21: Cargo Bays
Deck 22: Cargo Bays
Deck 23: Medical Centre
Deck 24: VIP Quarters
Deck 25: Enlisted Crew Quarters
Deck 26: Enlisted Crew Quarters
Deck 27: Enlisted Crew Quarters
Deck 28: Junior Officers' Quarters
Deck 29: Senior Officers' Quarters
Deck 30: Central Engineering Centre
Deck 31: Vortex Drive Exhaust Pipes
Deck 32: Vortex Drive
Deck 33: Vortex Driving Servicing
Deck 34: Environmental Controls
Deck 35: Training Centre
Deck 36: Cargo Bays
Deck 37: Cargo Bays
Deck 38: Cargo Bays
Deck 39: Cargo Bays
Deck 40: Cargo Bays
Deck 41: ASDS Systems
Deck 42: Computer Core
Deck 43: Cargo Bays
Deck 44: Additional Weapons Module
Deck 45: Additional Weapons Module

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