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Dividian star system, scene of a failed OIP peacekeeping mission
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in The 26th Century > Star Systems > Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds
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General Information
The Jul Star System became interstellarly known as a result of a dramatic situation which arose on Jul II. The Jul star system is a Dividian planet which has for the past century been characterised by ethnic violence. There exists a vocal minority of citizens originating from the Rosebourg Monarchy and the Terran Democratic Republic who have been demanding independence from the Dividian Nation for years. The independence movement turned to the use of terrorist violence to achieve its means, receiving in return a Dividian declaration of martial law. The crackdown against "biker gangs" accused of a series of terrorist attacks against Dividian schools and government buildings was deemed particularly bloody.

Attempts to restore the peace were orchestrated at the behest of the Rosebourg Monarchy. An OIP peacekeeping operation turned into a fiasco, and in the end was recalled without a satisfactory solution having ever been found. Although the violence was stopped, there still exists a huge amount of inequalities between the Dividian majority and the Rosebourg/Terran minority on Jul II.

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