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The electoral political system has remained a fairly unchanged part of Terran life since the emergence of democracy in the 19th century. There are hundreds of political parties, spread out across the Republic. Some parties only have political presence on a planetary scale, some are Republic-wide. There are four main parties amongst whom most of the power is shared:

The Republic Party - They are a centre-right wing political party, who in the 2498 elections won 41% of the House of Representatives seats (making them the majority party in the UNHR) and in the last Senate election also came away with a majority. This is the party of Jin Chan. While progressive on social issues, the government highly favours the free market economy and a rigorous defence of Earth at any costs.

The Democratic Freedom Party - The DFP is a left wing party who hold 22% of the UNHR seats and their senatorial support is similar. They are quite left wing in their policies towards reducing poverty and increasing the role of the government and believe that it is necessary to "give and take" when dealing with alien governments.

The Congress Party - Officially describing themselves as the moderate party, but economically right wing, the Congress Party holds 13% of the House of Representatives seats. They pride themselves on presenting an alternative to left wing/right wing politics, instead advocating the need for compromise and moderation. The Congress Party has a strong environmental agenda, but have often been criticised for their lack of clear direction in dealing with aliens, and this has caused them to suffer in the Senate elections.

The Workers Party - The WORPA is a party who claim to be representing the rights of workers for the Republic. They have a strong workers rights agenda and have in recent elections been following up with policies regarding human rights. They are the only party to have taken a clear stance towards the growing Telepath population, to integrate, rather than exclude them. They have 7% of the UNHR seats, mainly from mining planets. They only have a few senators.

The final 17% of the UNHR seats are divided between smaller parties.

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