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Chapter 2

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?Keep us moving, keep us moving, Helm,? The Captain mumbled under her breath.

?Contact!? The weapon?s officer?s voice paused for a moment.

?Torpedo didn?t take the bait, it?s still incoming,? That was Raven?s Roost signaling in.

?Affirmative Raven?s Roost,? The Captain cursed, that torpedo was going to do some damage, ?ETA of the torpedo??

?Fifteen seconds!?

?Sound collision alarms!? The Captain grabbed a hard hold of her seat, as the yellow and white lights flashed all around the bridge.

?Warning Collision Eminent, Warning Collision Eminent,? The computer echoed all throughout the ship.

The entire ship?s manifest remained silent as the torpedo began its deadly descent onto the destroyer. Only the voice of the Damage Control Officer could be heard through the intercoms, as he counted down to impact. The voice of the DCO was shaky; the torpedo was quite capable of destroying the ship if it hit the right sections of the vessel. For a moment, it seemed as though time would be able to stop, frozen harder than an ice-cube in the middle of the North Pole. Yet time never stands still, and in battle, it was always a friend worth having, but rarely around to be a useful ally.

The bridge shook, tossing its crew off their seats as the torpedo impacted the port section of the ship. The impact outright blew out the starboard laser turret rendering it inoperable. The ship listed as the explosion?s force was contained. The airtight doors had been sealed the moment the collision alarm had been sounded and were now groaning under the pressure. The doors were designed to ensure an explosion of this magnitude would be localized and wouldn?t spread catastrophically across a wider area of the ship. But when a torpedo successfully hits a small ship like this destroyer, there was little that didn?t have a significant impact.

?Damage and Casualty report!? The Captain called, as she checked her wound. A minor superficial one, she confirmed.

?Starboard laser turret?s been destroyed, Captain!? The DCO was still alive, despite having literally flown across half the bridge.

?Report coming in from Medical, casualty reports coming in from all over the ship,? A liaison officer reported, as she checked on the status of the navigation?s officer.

?XO, take the Helm, see if we can get this lady going.?

?Incoming Bogeys!? The Weapon?s Room had no time to even consider how many people had been lost near the Starboard laser turret ? it was questionable whether they even knew.

?Fighter bombers bearing 213 clicks 134, seven o?clock!? The supervisor took on the controls of one of the anti-fightercraft guns as she let a rip.

?Splash one bogey!? One of the younger officers smirked at his success.

?Keep firing boys, we got to get these bombers out of our sky before they have a chance to fire anything!?

The ship?s blue and white laser turrets turned back to life, after having momentarily been shut off ? the power relays that led to most of the laser turrets had been destroyed by the torpedo and had to be rerouted through alternate routes. The turrets fired with renewed fervor, sending fightercrafts into a fiery hell. Parts of fightercraft wings exploded, others tore off from their hull. But even with the skill and expertise of the ship?s crew? they couldn?t stop every single one.

?Missiles incoming! 134 clicks 119, 234 clicks 119! ETA 12 seconds!?

?We?re out of countermeasures! There?s nothing we can do!?

?All hands, brace for impact!?

The explosions tore across the starboard section, as the missiles created huge gaping holes open to space. The force of the explosion forced people completely off the ship. The last thing they would see was their crewmates looking at them aghast, powerless. They would die in the cold oxygen-less atmosphere that was space. The hull breaches had even gone through the Vortex II cooling systems? there was no way to stop the vortex engine from overheating.

?Navigation systems are off-line sir,? The officer shook his head, ?I?m not reading any response from the thrusters or the impulse systems.?

?CONN, Engineering,? The Chief Engineer?s voice wasn?t about to bring good news, ?We?re loosing Vortex II, we?re seven minutes from a Critical Event!?

Critical Event: otherwise known as the ship?s eminent death due to a core reactor meltdown. On the Clarel class destroyer, Vortex II and Vortex I were the same core, unable to function without one or the other. It made more decks sensitive to any sort of breaches, and unfortunately the missiles had exploded on the defenseless fourteenth deck of the ship, which housed the cooling systems for the Vortex II generator. The Critical Event was certainly being detected by the fightercrafts ? the damned preys were probably running away, now that they knew their task had been completed.

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