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Chapter 2

by Kim L. Smouter author list
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Jim looked at the corpse that was lying in front of him, the blood seeping out of the director?s head. He rolled his eyes, as he led his gang towards the center of the courtyard. It was time for him to avenge what the Dividians had done to him so many years ago. He nodded to his gang, as they split up and went into the various buildings. Jim looked at the one straight ahead of him, Damien to his right. Already some of the gang members were inside the classrooms, raising their guns at the children and ordering the non-Dividians out of the classroom. The scared voices of children began to crowd the central courtyard. Damien disappeared into his classroom, and Jim soon forced the door of his? it was like entering a nightmare again.

Jim looked once at the straight lines of desks, remembering the teacher slapping the pain stick onto his fingers and sending electrical shocks through his body. He looked once at the Dividian teacher, she was a new teacher? but she was Dividian and she looked back at him with that same superior air all Dividian teachers had when they looked at him. He raised his gun, and pointed it at the teacher.

?I want the Rosebourg and Terran kids out of here.?

?We?re staying together.?

He turned his gun and pointed it at the first Dividian kid in his range, ?They?re going out or I kill this one.?

?NO!? She screamed.

?I want the Rosebourg and Terran kids out of here.?

?K?leb, Nivri? do as the man says,? The teacher waited, as the two kids obediently moved from their chair and ran out of the classroom.

?Now?? Jim glared at the teacher, ?You do everything I say or I will shoot each and every of these kids.?

Jim?s eyes shot a glance at the classroom? he could see the look of fear staring back at him. The memories came back, hauntingly, refusing to let him go. As he walked to the front of the class and pointed his gun at one of the kids, he traveled back in time.

?Strip your teacher!? The kid didn?t react, and Jim raised his gun and slammed it against his face, ?I said go strip your teacher!?

For the next hour, in every building of the school, the biker gang had their way with every single Dividian in the building. Having destroyed the virginity of each and every single child, the biker gangs appeared from their respective classrooms. Jim nodded to Damien, who pulled out the heavy artillery. He took one look at the school, the Rosebourg and Terran children having been pushed aside, safe from any harm. Within seconds, the projectiles fired upon the school buildings, and each and every single one of the buildings exploded, the brick, the wood, and the glass shattering with an explosive force that caused the ground to tremble.

?And that?s how we do it,? Jim commented coldly, as he got on his hover-bike, ?Let?s get out of here. Communications will soon be restored and the coppers will be here soon.?

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