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Basic Character Data
Full Name:
Troy Kean
Job Position:
Programmer/ Fabricator
Earth Date of Birth:
Hyperdate of Birth (HD: 5YY.MM.DD):
Height in Metres:
Weight in Kilograms:
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Pale blue
Distinguishing Marks:
Family Information:
Parents: Father David Kean and mother Kim Kean.
Siblings: Older sister Alisa Kean.
Troy was disowned by his family when he decided to embrace his Empathic abilities. This was at the age of eighteen. Since this time he has had no contact with his family.
At this point in his life he is trying to find a place where he can be accepted for what he is as well as who he is. Other than trying to find were he fits in he has great skill in welding and has almost no fear of zero gravity. He wants to go in search of anything that remains of the Nephils or their civilization but does not hold out hope of finding anything.

(Nephils were a powerful race of Telepaths that was defeated by the Natashan. They are mentioned in page 5 & 6 of the Galactic Time Line.)
Always having to hide his Empathic abilities Troy has grown to hide his true feelings from those around him. This can make him seem cold and distant until he decides to open up. He has not found anyone who he can trust completely and holds no hope that he will anytime soon. He is always ready to learn but will do his job before he does anything else.
Childhood and Adolescence:
Troy was born on the Lunar Colony in Armstrong City into a family with connections to Purity of Human Blood. He was raised to be a active member of the cult but when his Empathic abilities started to manifest at the age of thirteen his parents did everything to stop the rest of their family and friends from finding out. He was homes schooled and stayed home for most of the social events that the family attended. For a few years he did what he could to hide his abilities in an attempted to get his parents to forget what he was. The only advantage to this was that he can control his abilities very well and rarely lets them get the better of him. He practiced hiding his true feelings with a Orball because its AI would mirror what emotion he was projecting.

At the age of eighteen he had exhausted all the resources his family had as far as education was concerned and had been accepted to the College of Engineering and Programming in New Idaho on Mars. He had also grown to hate his parents for their prejudice and close minded attitudes so when he announced that he was leaving the Lunar Colony to go to Mars were they could not control him he was disowned.
Secondary and Upper Education:
Troy maximised his time while he attended CEP by majoring in programming. Although his major was Programming Troy graduated with a degree in programming and Fabrication.

He attended the University of Armstrong and majored in astronomy and Galactic history. He graduated with his masters in both subjects but was not satisfied with the knowledge he had attained.
Professional Career:
Troy was hired on at the Yamato Shipyards in orbit around Mars a month after graduating from CEP. His main job was to weld ship sections together. He was fine with this job because it meant he was in zero gravity which he found a freeing experience and he was able to work alone which meant he did not have to worry about dealing with anything the other workers emotions.

He kept working at the ship yards while he attended UOA but resigned after he graduated to work for Alsthom-Ooga for two years. While he was with Alsthom-Ooga he traveled throughout the TDR making repairs to their ships and helping in the construction of new buildings on the outposts.
Promotion, Transfer, Travel Records:
500.15.12 ? Left the Lunar Colony
500.30.1 ? Arrived at Mars and started at CEP
503.31.1 ? Graduated from CEP with Degree in Programming and Fabrication.
503.17.2 ?Hired to work in the Yamato Shipyards.
503.2.5 ? Accepted at UOA while he works at Yamato Shipyards part time.
505.27.5 ? Graduates from UOA with Masters in Astronomy and Galactic history.
505.11.11 ? Hired by Alsthom-Ooga to work on a mining outpost outside the Sol system.
507.11.11 ? Arrives on Mars after two years of going from one mining outpost to the next as he was needed.
Advanced Character Data
I welcome all comments and suggestions that anyone my have.

Thank you for taking a lot at my OC.

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