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This Thread is Entitled:A new, extremely minor power, and a race
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Fayt Maelstrom
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I just feel like giving something to this community. It would change some history, but I believe the changes are minor and they can easily be fit in.

The draconians are a recently discovered species, discovered only by direct combat with their starships. On July 9th, 2502, four unidentified ships appeared at the edge of the New Vancouver system. Each of them had their weapons fully charged, and seemed ready to preform a hostile takeover. However, even with their ships unique capabilities(Discussed later), they were destroyed fairly quickly. The terrans only lost $200 in repairs, while all draconian ships were destroyed.

The draconians are a race of humanoid reptiles. Their heads resemble snakes and crocodiles at the same time, having a long snout, but a large bite as well. Most of their teeth are canines, though they do have teeth capable of chewing food. They are larger than humans, and stand at 2 meters for dwarf adults, and 3 meters for tall adults. This additional length is because they have four lungs, and extra space is required. They also have two hearts to pump all this blood around to the extremities. They do have nearly human hands, but have claws at the end of them. Their scales are thicker than earthen reptiles, and are more able to resist hand to hand attacks.

Religion is diverse on Draconis, and there are too many to actualy be described indvidualy. The largest one is the one that belives a lizard god created them all in His image.

Draconis is a constitutional monarchy. However, unlike other countries of 21st century earth, most of their prime ministers are female. This is because females are actualy stronger than males, in both mental and physical respects. After their first battle with the terrans, they have had several talks with the nation, and have so far come to a truce.

The military is mostly females, though males can become soldires, but they start out two ranks earlier. Their weapons rely on plasma and bullets, as they have not yet developed portable laser systems. Their weapons reasearch is not consisting of several scientists on different things, but rather several scientists on one thing.
Ranks are as follows:
Greyneck(Private second class)
Green Dragon(Private first class)
Blue dragon(Female starting rank, Corporal)
The other ranks are very similar to Terran ranks, exept for Red Dragons, which is their special forces. Currently, only females are in the Red Dragons.
Their ships are laser-resistant, as they have a coating of light-dispersing crystal on top of all their metal skeletons. However, this can be broken with explosives or by ramming in to the ship, smashing the crystal. They also have sheild technology, but it is currently on very few ships, and even then, it is still experimental and is not designed for combat, it is more for space debris. Their ranks are exactly as terran ones.

Society: Similar to 21st century Earth, but females are dominant. Racisim is against the law, even for high ranking officials, and environmental conservation is clearly doing a part, as the largest cities are only a few miles in length, and roads are made out of dirt. Fossil fuels were given up on a long time ago, in favor of cleaner fuels, such as ethenol and others. Everything else is generaly similar.

(By my standards, this was well thought out by me. I'm not one who usualy does this much on one race. Oh, and they control one solar system, about 4 planets.)

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First things first - thank you very much for submitting this new idea for a minor species. Taking the time to write this up is really appreciated, and hopefully by the end of this process we'll have a new species to add to the Minor Powers' list.

This will require a bit more collaborative work - but I have to say that we've seen much worse propositions come through this forum - the question I have for you is... what will the introduction of this species bring to the setting? What's the added value?

I'm not all that convinced about this species' ability to resist direct laser impact. I have a hard time seeing any biology handle lasers all that well - simply - because each of these species is the result of biological evolution in response to direct biological threats. So whilst the skin might offer extra protection in hand-to-hand, this skin will be just as ill-prepared to fight off a direct, artificial laser impact as anything else. It might buy them an extra second at most, but 20 seconds seems to me like quite a long time!

I'm sure Alex will have some more thoughts and advice to bring into this conversation as there are a few things that won't sit too well with the current lines of continuity.

Overall, this is a great effort on your part - and I'm really pleased to see you take ownership of the setting. That's the kind of self initiative that we need!


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I like it too, I have my own pet race I have been working on. Good luck with yours.

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i agree the 20 second laser resistance is a bit... streached. a dirrect laser hit would kill a human in at most 2 seconds right? i could understand if these large beings can last 4 at best.

this seems fairly well though out. your gonna have to wrestle with alex on this one, but he is only trying to help. trust me, he will find ANY wholes in this race.

once you get the go-ahead, give me a shout. i would love to take part in this.

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