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This Thread is Entitled:Training Installation F24C1 "The Sandbox"
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Captain Jaimie Barton stood in front of the CO of Foxtrot 24 Charlie 1 Training group. the installation was strewn all over a small planet in the Alpha Centauri system.

"So, Captain what do we have this week?" Col Somsen asked.

"Nothing spectacular, sir. Three platoons for mark up training for the fronts. Platoons Oscar 17, Oscar 36 and Romeo 25. The first two are on their way to Ojkol and the last to Destiny. Oscar 17 is 2nd Lt Ontario commanding out of the academy and AT, Oscar 36 is commanded by 1st Lt. Jacobs just promoted and taking command of the platoon that's just to tune them up for moving onto Ojkol they just came from defensive work around Spider. Finally, Romeo 25 another fresh platoon and commander 2nd Lt Rhys O'Heally." The Captain reported

The Col. nodded and scratched his neck, "Very well Barton get them settled in and then we will brief them on their schedules. Let's hope they are better behaved than the last batch."

"Yes sir and definitely agreed sir. On my way." The Captain snapped an informal salute and made his way out of the office. "Where in the hell am I going to put three platoons?"

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Samuel Weskot breathed a soft sight as he looked about the cabin.

"Greens." He mumbled as he leaned back in the seat. His eyes wandered out of the cabin to take in the vista of Alpha Centauri. It got him away from the hustle in the cabin. Green recruits vomiting, a young Lieutenant barking orders and a Captain trying to earn his oak leaves. His glazed eyes wandered back around to take in what he once was. Fresh and green, he could remembered the first day of basic like it was yesterday. A bright eyed recruit joining the ranks of the military to go fight a war and be a hero. No one told him that the true color of war was gray.

"Weskot, get your ass over here!" A gritty First sergeant growled as he chomped a cigar between his thick lips. Jonathan Danly, a none so humble sergeant who rose the ranks of supply and now finds himself in a position of power to lord over those he sees better then himself or any superiors he chooses to plant those things on.

"Sergeant?" Weskot lazily happened to his feet and shuffled towards him. The lanky sergeant looked him up and down, eyed his Warden patch and huffed.

"You Wardens are all a bunch of pretty boys." The Sergeant blew smoke at him and turned to grab a box of MREs.

"Maybe this will knock you down a peg, serving chow to a bunch of puking rats." He threw him a haughty laugh. Samuel was absent from the abuse. He knew very well that he would go back to his desk job behind a cubicle going through life as a troglodyte sucking off the boot scraps of his captains. Weskot took solace in the fact that he would one day die, in a ditch, around his men with bullets flying around him.

"No better place?" He thought as he gladly started handing out MREs.

"Command Centauri, this is Hopper 2-4, I have Oscar 1-7 and approaching from the far side." Griggs, the veteran hopper communications sergeant spoke.

?You have a green light for bay 7, change your approach vector to 5-5-6-tree and you?ll be on course, read.?

"I roger that Command, changing to approach 5-5-6-tree. Out." Griggs looked over to the pilot.

"Sheets are all laid out for us Ace, take us in." He nodded and looked back out the canopy and triggered his holo-matrix back on to take them in.


"Captain Barton, Oscar 1-7 is on approach and should be arriving within the half hour."

(Hope you don't mind)

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Rhys awoke. he saw one one of the Senior Sergeants, his name tag on his Combat Armor said R.Garett.
"LT we're an hour out, you told me to wake you if you were sleeping." Garett said
Rhys shook his head and looked around. They were in the large Troop bay in the Walker Class troop ship. He was trying to remember the name for the ship. but it just didn't come to him. When he was on Earth he was in the northern area In Canada. There was a snow storm, so he guessed that was the reason. He stood up and looked back at his sergeant, he looked puzzled. "Thank you Sergeant get the rest of them up, we are going to form up in 30 mins. They are to be in full armor and kit. Also tell them to pack up that winter gear i don't think we will need it where we are going." Rhys said to the Sergeant. "YES, SIR!" The Sergeant said. He ran off to get his stuff together before getting the rest of the men. Rhys turned and looked down at his kit. And he went ahead and read off when he had in his pack to himself.

This was the list . . .

1x Ruck Sack with and Irish Flag on the large flap that went over the top of the pack, 6x wool sockes, 6x BDU Tee's, 3x BDU Camos (Arid Digital Camo [Canadian])these BDU's were issued to the whole Platoon at his request, 2x Combat boots 6x of undergarment, an Admin pad with all his notes and platoon roster on it, 1 of 6 pack of lazer rifle Batteries, his short pattern Laser Rifle - EEX-42. his personal hand gun it fired a .50 calibur round 15 shots each magazine. He bought this for himself as a graduation present, the rest of his kit was personal items and military hardware that he received before leaving earth.

he and the rest of his platoon has the CAS armor however this armor is presurized so they could breath if the hull was breached.

after puting on the bulky CAS armor, he was packing the rest of the items in to his ruck when. . .


This echoed throughout the troop bay of the Walker.

All the troops were now getting up and rubbing their eyes the 2nd LT, that slept beside him opened his eyes lazily and looked over at him. "Ugh god damn his voice travels, how far out are we Rhys?" 2nd LT said with a heavy Britsh Accecnt. His name was Jay Ellis he has been his friend since before the Academy. " Just around a half an hour out." Rhys said. Rhys had a heavy Irish Accent, Jay always would laugh at the way Rhys talked. "Ha ha ha ok Rhys thanks." Jay said.
" haha funny that's why you're carrying the radio." Rhys said in defence. He also laughed.

*SSGT Garett wasnt the only Senior NCO's in Romeo 025 there's three others that lead the other 3 squads in the platoon. First we will talk about Staff Sargent Robin Garett, he was the type of person that you would call "crazy" loved to blow stuff up. he is the Team Leader of Alpha team. he is more of a frontal assult type. after basic on earth Robin changed. Hes more of a down to earth type of guy but, old habits die hard, he still loves to blow the shit out of stuff. Favorite weapon: KJA-9. Next on the list is Sargent Jeff Oliver he is the tactican of the platoon. he went to the "rich peaples" college's when he was able to loved chess more than anything. he is the flanker type "Fix Flank Finish" is this guys forte. Favorite weapon: SWO-11CQB Style [this gun has the same features as the MP5k but a bit more longer and it has a larger caliber. it is painted an Olive Drab or OD green]. moving on to the Charlie team leader Sargent Jennifer Russell. She is into explosives like Robin but, she likes to use them in Ambushes than in frontal assaults. she is the squads hit then run type. she is also good at sneaking ahead and taking out enemies quietly. Lastly there is the Delta Team leader Sargent Imager Dorsch. She is a wizard with the SAS - 900. The phrase for the weapon is the same way she leads her troop. quick, silent, and deadly. these are the senior NCO's for Romeo-0-2-5. [i] *

Rhys stood up and bellowed. "EVERYONE FORM UP IN YOUR SQUADS, SERGEANTS GET THEM IN ORDER NOW." All the men under his command jumped to and formed up, as if they were scared for their lives.

All four squads lined up in formation. Both Lieutenants walked to the front with full kit on.
[jay had more kit because of the radio]

"ROMEO-25...ATTEN-TION" Rhys barked. There was a large boom as all their boots slamed into the floor in unison.

"Romeo -25 Stand AT-EASE ...... stand easy men." Rhys spoke.

"In a couple moments men we will walk off this ramp and start our training. This is an important time for all of us if we surive training, we will truly be brothers. We will work together to become the best damned platoon that the TDR has ever seen, am I right troopers?" Rhys spoke.

"Sir, yes, SIR!"

"What was that Romeo, I can't hear you."


"That's better. They will make soldiers out of you soon enough lads." Rhys remarked.

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"Damn, does nothing in the war work on a predictable schedule." Barton growled.

Capt. Ken Jolley snickered, "That's what you get being a line officer Jaimie. The life in supply gives me just that, predictability." Ken suddenly changed the direction of the conversation. "Are the rumors true Jaime? "

"Rumors? Ken, what rumors have you heard?" Barton asked.

Jolley got less casual, "That you are musterin' out in six months. At least that is what's runnin' around the base."

Jaimie looked at Jolley, "It's amazing that can get around the base in nothing flat, but I can't get simple reply to a memo in less than six weeks." Barton sighed, "Yeah, it's true except that it is three months and my replacement is coming in one of these transports."

Ken would not let it go, "It's because you're. . . you're from. . . well you know."

"Yes Ken, it's because of that. Now can we drop it. We have two transports docking 36 hours early and we have to find a place to house two units for 36 hours, until Echo 19, Foxtrot 38 and Golf 22 deploy. What do we have?"

Jolley looked like he had more questions, but Barton's point returned him to the present world. "We have the three storage units in the west section, we can get cots in there until the others clear out and that gives us room, if the third unit slides in early. I'll get a team out there to spruce them up and put up temp latrines, it'll take about 2 hours, so what do we do with them until then?"

"We can start the refit by having them discard the stuff we are going to replace. . ." Jaimie got a wry smile, "Or we could introduce them to the Bobsey Twins."

Ken chuckled, "Jaimie you are just a sadist at heart, no, we better start the refit. The sooner they are out of my hair the better."

"Ok you get your team on the storage units and I will let the CO know what's up and then you, Charise, Daniel and I will form the welcome wagon. I'll see you in twenty in the docking bays."

The officers picked up the phones on their desks and made the needed calls and then headed to their respective areas to get who and what they needed to meet Oscar 17 and Romeo 25.

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Rhys waited by the VIS or Video Intercom System. He wanted to talk with the Captain. It suddenly flashed to life and the Captain of the ship, Captain Ewan Marsh, appeared on screen. Rhys moved in front of the Intercom and saluted "Sir permission to come on the bridge? sir." Rhys spoke heavly in his accent. The Captain returned the salute. "Why of course Lieutentant, please come up." Marsh replied. "before you do please make sure your men are ready, this old lady shakes alot on the re-entery stages."
"Yes Sir"the Intercom turned off. "Oi you ladys better sit down for this one she might just fall apart on the way down and I dont want to pick up the peices afterwards so buckle up." Rhys Barked " 2nd Lieutentant Ellis On me lets go."

*When Rhys says Lieutentant it sounds more like Leftentant thanks to his accent.*
Jay ran towards him to catch the elevator up to the bridge.

"Whats u. . ." Rhys cut off Jay before he could finish his question "Your arse over your head if you ask me that dumb yank question again." Rhys said "We are going to tip the driver."

Moments later the doors opened and they entered the hallway in front of them was the door to the bridge with two navy soilders standing by the door. They saluted "the Captian can only see you for a moment 2nd Leiutentant.O'Healey." the NCO said. The Lieutentants returned the salutes and stepped out, "We will only be a moment trooper." Ellis said.

As the large doors opened the Captan turned to see the to yonuger officers step on to the bridge.
"Second Lieutentant R.O'Healey and Second Lieutentant J.Ellis Reporting Sir, Permission to come onto the Bridge, sir?" Ellis said.

"Granted, enjoyed your stay on my ship?" the Captain joked

"Yes,Sir Captain, Sir!" they both replied

Marsh laughed and said "Thats good, very good." A rumble shook the ship, some of the crew that were standing including Marsh, Jay and Rhys stumbled to the ground. Warning lights started to light up consoles on the bridge.

"Garett to O'Healey, Garett to O'Healey something just slamed in to the troop bay from behind us the wall is buckling down here, I'm moving everyone to the life pods, Sir... Sir? Did you hear me?" Garett crackled over Rhys's and Jay's Comm system.
"Yes I did Garett." Rhys yelled back. "Get to it then launch when ordered to"

"What in Sam's Hell! Soldier what happened" Marsh questioned the Navagations Officer.

"uhhh I-I-I dont know, Sir" the officer responded his name was written on his back with a white marker. F.Davids

"WELL I WANT TO KNOW!! FRANKS GET ON THE COMM AND GET F24C1 ON THE LINE TELL THEM WERE HIT AND BE READY TO TAKE ON DAMAGED SPACECRAFT ALSO..." Marsh was cut off by the hull being hit again with and earth shattering bang. Anyone that was standing, sitting and leaning on anything was throne to the ground.

"Good God Almighty what the bloody hell was that?" Ellis yelled to anyone that heard him over the hull failing, it was being ripped apart. "Son of a bitch we just had this thing washed." Davids joked darkly. Marsh however shot a look at Davids. "Davids this is not the time for your jokes soldier get back to work."

"Fuck this shite, Ellis lets get the fuck off this ship!" Rhys said as he was getting back on to his feet. "Captain Marsh where is the life pods? Captain this ship is falling apart Lets go!" Marsh looked at Rhys then bowed his head.

"Your right O'Healey. God Damnit! Scratch that last order Franks send out the distress becon and activate evacuation proticols, Evacuate The ship! NOW!!" Marsh Bellowed "Ellis,O'Healey, and Davids. You guys are with me. Lets go before we pop like this ship!"

Marsh led the way down the corridor with Davids right behind him. "Ellis Put on your helmate man it's going to be a bumpy ride"

*These helmates along with there Combat armor can be pressurized, so they could breath in space they however can't stay out for long, a mere two hours and the oxygen supply would run out.*

Moments after they arived at the Life pods, suddenly there was a secondary explosion as Marsh and Davids disappered in smoke and fire. "Shite Captian, Davids!" Jay yelled, "Come on Jay keep it together laddie, let's go." Rhys said as he grabbed Ellis and threw him in to a life pod. "ROMEO-0-2-5, This is your bright and shinny Second Lieutentant, and if you havent noticed the ship is blowing up, so launch your fucking life pods already!!!' Rhys screamed over the radio as Jay was helping two crew members into the pod. "Miss, do you know how to fly this thing?" Ellis said to one of the crew members as she was typing into the key pad "One sec, sir" she said "All life pods this is Comm Officer S.Franks, Follow me down on my heading, the Grid ref. as follows Figures -5-6-6-2-9-1 by 3-2-1-5-8-7 Good luck, out." She spoke calmly into the receiver, then, she turned towards the rest of the people in the pod they were all floating now because of the atmosphere being turned off. "Ok you boys take your chairs and hold on for dear life. i try to get us down in one piece".

*in the life pods the Chairs faced inward until flight they hit bottom first then the users can exit ether opening the top and exiting the way they came in or open up the pod. The opud will open into 4 pieces allowing wounded users to exit. Four people in each pod, plus combat gear, Space suits, etc. . . could fit.*

"This is SSgt Garett to 2ndLT O'Healey we are outbound from the ship and homing in on Figures 5-6-6-2-9-1 by 3-2-1-5-8-7. we are at full strength we will see you on the ground, over&out" Rhys's and Jay's radio scratched together.

"Training Installation F24C1! This Is Romeo-0-2-5 2nd Luietentant Ellis, we are coming down via life pod, our ship has been crippled and is coming into orbit. The crew has ditched we are coming down on Figures -5-6-6-2-9-1 by 3-2-1-5-8-7, I repeat Figures -5-6-6-2-9-1 by 3-2-1-5-8-7, Over" Ellis barked over the radio.

"Ellis shut up tell them they can talk to us when we are on the ground." Rhys Barked.

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As Barton and the other officers were talking in the docking bays, he heard. "Attention there is a class IV emergency declared. Life pods planet bound at 566291 by 321587 possible spread of 45% stand down all training and prepare to recover personnel."

Suddenly, all attention was on him as second in command. "Right Ok, Cherise it looks like you are going to get a look at these people sooner than we thought. We will have med hovers gearing up, you send your emergency team and get the infirmary ready, Ken get us transport to the area. Daniel get on the horn and find out what the hell has happened and clear every one away from the impact areas. I will get to the old man and set up ground support in case this is a Green visit. Let's move."

Suddenly there was a cocaphony as Foxtrot 24 Charlie 1 moved to emergency footing. Barton, like everyone else, was on the run, in addition, he was on his mobile comm yelling, not yet screaming, "XO to CO come in."

The Col replied immediately, "Barton, something hit one of the transports, too soon to tell anything other than if it was an attack it was well done there is nothing hostile out there right now. The ship is still in orbit, but in pieces, the Navy is on their way to take care of it, I've ordered nothing to dock until we have more info on what is going on. I have the Surface to Space units manning and what spacecraft we have is launched. What have you got?"

Barton followed the report from his commander and when asked, replied with his report. "Sir, I have medical saddling up and recovery teams forming, with your permission we are going to a war footing until we know what has happened and I request permission to go on site to supervise."

"Sounds like a plan, make sure eveyone is armed and let's treat this like an actual attack until we find out otherwise. I will issue the orders, you get your ass out there and get it organized. CO out." Somsen spit out and there there was only crackling over the air.

Barton turned and ran to a locker and drew a sidearm, "You six over there, draw ordinace and you are with me into the at Hover over there. Gaines get that damn thing humming, I want to get there before the pods do, and that only gives us ten minutes. Now! Move!"

He thought to himself Screw it Jaimie nothing is easy on this assignment. Ok focus on what we need to do first, I hope to high heavens one of those guys can run communications. He was running into the troop bay just a second after the last man he comandeered, the door slammed home behind him. "Any of you guys know how to run the 50 cal?" Two raised their hands, "Great you are on the two mounts on the hover. Gaines keep your eyes open we might have hostiles in the area. Oh, Graves I didn't recognize you. You run com for me." The hover driver was already out the the building and on a dead run to the coordinates.

"Captain we will be in area in six, there's nothing on the local channel. And if I am not the the first hover there, you can dock a month's pay. Sir."

Barton laughed, "No need to worry then, Graves get me on Tatical comm and get everyone moving or otherwise to call it in. Then see what HQ has for us. Otherwise keep it down while I try to think."

He shook his head, Pods on planetfall is not going to be a picnic, hopefully the casulties won't be too bad. I don't know, what could have to happend up there to start this mess? Well no time to worry now let's get this show on the road.

He barked "Graves what do we got?"

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Out of the Fring Pan...

As the pods came down....

"we are going to hit dirt in 10" Franks called out

"What are we going to hit?" Ellis yelled "water our ground?"

"it looks like dirt to be but some of these areas have underground rivers" Franks replied "Activating Air break and nose thrusters hold on to your hats guys"

"OOOOOOHH SHIIIIIT" the other crew member screamed

Moments later, when he thought should be an teeth shatering crunch was mor like a splash. There pod landed in a marsh and slamed into the bottom of it witch was 20 feet down under the water.

"Well thats funny isnt there suposed to be a bang? not a splash" Ellis questioned.

"well it looked like ground to me i didnt really have enough time to chose an idel landing zone" Franks said.

"both of you stop were alive and breathin and thats all that matters lets get out of the Pod, you two its a long way up put on the CAS suits" Rhys Said "Ellis your free to talk to TI:F24C1 tell them we had a miss-jugdment on landing, also tell them we can walk out of here and we can set up landing zones else where. where theres bogs there is high folage."


"OK we are ready lets ge out of here" Franks said after Puting on the helmate for her CAS armor.

"me to lets get out of this tin can" the other Crewman said "by the way im Pilot Ray Assaf"

"So you were fling? your only look like your fourteen!" Jay said "you got to be kidding me."

"Hey, it wasnt my fault!" Ray said back "We were hit from behind!"

"Can we stop fighting lets get out of here first." Rhys said "Jay stop giving him a hard time your green too."

Rhys turned and put his hand on the console, it beeped twice the said "OPENING THIS POD WILL FILL THE POD WITH WATER! WOULD YOU LIKE TO CONTINUE?" It beeped again as rhys hit "Yes" on the console. "Helmates on?" Rhys looked. Every one nodded. Assaf and S.Franks had there standart issue firearms out, Ellis loaded a battery into his Long Patturn Lazer Rifle. The pod exsploded apart and the four of them launched up. The force of the doors opening pushed them together and launched them up. moments later they surfaced.

"Christ, there out in that clearing there is the beacon" Ellis said "my range finder says its 300m away Rhys"

the group of them swam to shore and started to walk the jungle/marsh started to thin out the closer they got the came along sevral pods that were already emptyed, fallen trees and military CAS suits kit and other items. They were getting closer to the opening sevral more Larger Pods hit in the Centre of the clearing crushing the evac becon.

"Come on Run" Rhys yelled "what the hell are those?"

as the exited the Jungle one of his Squad leaders ran up to him. It was Jeff Oliver, Bravo team leader. Following him was his radioman Bradley Allan.

"Sir, glad you made it down" Jeff looked behind him at the pods that hit near by "have you seen those before LT?"

"No, tell everyone to back away from them until we know what side its on." Rhys replied

"Sir what do you mean when you said what side its on?"

"Well look at it Sargent does it....."

Rhys was cut off by lazer fire be shot at one of the pods. "Sir Charlie team reports enemy IF tags on the pods, sir" Ellis said as he readied his Lazer rifle

"this is Romeo-0-2-5 to all squads Ready your selves for combat these pods are not Human"
Rhys spoke softly

"this is Romeo-0-2-5 to all inbound TDR craft we have enemy contact! do not I repeat DO NOT come to this evac zone, evac zone is comprimised!"


Lazer fire opened up on the the large pods as Romeo two five moved into the tree line in the direction of the river. Once Rhys made it to the river he turned on his heels and faced his platoon "DIG IN MEN, Charlie move up stream and find us away across" Rhys barked "Not one step backwards unless I say so, Delta seperate your selves in front of the line and dig one man foxholes, Bravo and Alpha make the front line just one Stright trench those of you that are Crew members help dig then follow the same route that Charlie squad took, do this now or forever hold your peace!!!"

Soldiers did as they were told, as Ray and Franks took up arms and joined Delta team and dug fox holes for them selves. Moments later there were several objects in the trees there was almost 20 of them each stood 7-8 feet tall, Green, and bulky, and each with a set of green beaty eyes that almost glowedthey were almost 70 or so metres away; the beach was a short 50-70m long with shrubery and sutch [that delta was hiding them selves in],and then an other 4 to 6m of sand [that Alpha and bravo were setting up in] they and at least 20+ troops and he had 28+ or - The Crew that was leaving to chatch up with charlie and an other 12 in the bushes. he had the evantage he shold be able to hold off 20 of these things. He mangnified the the group they were spreding out and there was more objects replacing the once that moved.

"Ellis I hope you can shoot and talk at the same time."Rhys said "there is alot of them and there getting ready to attack"

"uhh, never tried multitasking before, sir" Jay responded as he sat down in the trench. "TIF24C1 this is Romeo-0-2-5, we have a problem, and it needs fixing"

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