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This Thread is Entitled:Something I Wrote a Few Years Ago
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In a year, it does not seem so long ago,
When gray did not lay so comfortably upon my head.
My Voice came to me and said:
"Follow me, young fellow and I will show you a treasure,
That no wealthy man can buy
And it will be yours forever,
If you but nurture and protect it
I will give it to you if you will try. Will you young fellow?
And I answered with all the strength I could muster,
Then little one, glance across the room
And claim your prize, the best that I can send
Today young fellow, I give you a friend.
At that I searched the room for the pledged gem
And caught the view of a countenance so bright
That I knew in that moment
He was the promised friend.
His grin was large enough to swallow the world,
His eyes invited all to come
His heart beckoned to all to become a part of him.
I walked to him and in the span of a handshake
Our course was set
We started down life's dim, uncharted trails together
As we journeyed,
Our lives wove tightly knit
But this was not a solitary journey
For what we had was too precious to hoard
We had to invite many on the road with us
Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers
Interlaced themselves into the weave
And others, friends and chums
Added into the mix
The tapestry that was our life
Shown beautiful
Then, dear wives, precious children
And the Tapestry was beyond price
It was truly the treasure that I was promised
That day so long ago.
Is it not beautiful, I boasted to My Voice
I have kept my word and nurtured and strove
And now the treasure is all you promised it to be.
My Voice answered in disturbing words:
Almost, little one, it is almost ready,
But not yet.
Then one horrible evening
The news ran my blood cold,
He's gone, they said, He's gone
In vain, I searched for our beloved tapestry
In its place lay a gaping cavity.
Numb, I wept for my loss
And tried to satisfy myself with
Belief that somehow this was right
But I could not find the answer in my heart
Finally, I cried out to My Voice:
Never before have you taken a gift back from me
And you could have even my life in place
of my dear treasure
What have I done to merit this punishment?
Then My Still Small Voice answered:
Little one, have we all strove so long together
And you still cannot see
Your treasure is not lost,
I have brought it home for safekeeping
Do not worry
Your fair haired companion will guard it well.
His work is done, but yours not yet.
Your journey's end is not too far off
And soon you will have your treasure again.
But young fellow
Did you not see My Thread woven into the fabric
Of your treasure?
It was the very first
And extends the whole length of the work
You traveled well and long
And were called by many names
Husband, son, father, brother
But long ago in a battle won at a dear price,
You two won the right to the title
And have borne it proudly now this long campaign.
So little one, My Voice consoled
Bear it just a little longer
and soon you two will stand together as before
And again I will call you My Friends.

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I love this poem! It's such a nice - complicated & yet not complicated use of metaphors! I can really imagine being thrown back in time to live the tale!

Niche one, dear Monty! And welcome to the Writer's Sanctum!

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I read it twice because I really wanted it to wash over me and each time I read it I like it more.

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I agree with you Avrielle, it's one of those poems you really have to read from top to bottom and digest before you can really appreciate it!

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