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This Thread is Entitled:Poem: World Creator
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A poem a based on the work it takes to create a species like the Rosebourg Monarchy, etc

I have created worlds
out of words solely
it exists in my mind
and also in my soul

It is an amazing
world, a beautiful world
where Kinds are just
and equality is real

It is a world
of fantasy and fiction
where i choose everything
I have created worlds

I have created universes
out of sound and
out of plain imagery
for very few reasons

I wish someday that
I could take you
in my imaginary world
for it is perfect.

My characters are happy
they solve amazing problems
in infinite, and diverse solutions
that make me dream.

I have created life
by loving my characters
as I would love you
amazing is it not?

It can be yours too,
if only you dream
dream of a Monarchy
whose age is 10,000

Dream of my universe
and you'll know me
better than anyone else
because I create worlds.

The world is alive
and it is me
from life to death
this world is mine.

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