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The Great Hope for Peace
New Worlds Staff, 506.09.01 @ 06:00

General Information

Also known as the Organisation of Interstellar Peace or O.I.P. depending on which species you talk to, the Organisation for Interstellar Peace was a project launched by the Architects in their attempt to secure peace for the entire galaxy. The ambitious Architects were able, thanks to their reputation as a peaceful, fair, and logical species, to invite and reach an agreement with the major powers of the Milky Way Galaxy to take on the O.I.P. Project. The Great Experiment for Peace, as some people called it, lasted from the early 2400s until the General Peace was finally broken in 2501 when the Terrans and the Gohorns entered a state of war against one another. Despite war having been declared by the two nations, the Organisation of Interstellar Peace is still an active organisation, it controls several neutral star ports and star bases and has several peacekeeping missions still afloat. The war between the Terrans and the Gohorns, and the recent entrance of the Rosebourg into the war, however, has rendered the O.I.P. largely impotent in the face of its major mission statement to maintain the peace in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Although charged primarily with the maintenance of peace amongst the major powers, the Organisation for Interstellar Peace also occupied itself with other projects, such as major intra-species research and development projects (The Cure for Advanced Interspecies Cancer, vortex-capable sensors), standardization protects (The Hover-Highway Markings Initiative), refugee camps, the fight against poverty, the galaxy economic fund, and more. The Organisation for Interstellar Peace viewed its role as not being only the champion of peace, but also the champion of social progress. Many of the O.I.P's projects were highly successful including its creation of several neutral star ports whose task were to provide marketplaces for civilians: the biggest of which Starport Nuribis. For a time, the Organisation even benefited from an independent peacekeeping force, though it was never strong enough to compete with any of the major powers' armed forces and was dependent on these major powers to contribute the necessary funds to keep the force afloat. Since the beginning of the war, these funds have disappeared and the peacekeeping force has been dismantled.

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