L'nhraei (Leethra Star System)
Rumoured to be the True Brains behind the Confederacy
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It is out in the massive savannas of Leethra, that the jovial L'nhraei began their existence. To the human eye, the L'nhraei aren't particularly beautiful (perhaps more the opposite), in fact the L'nhraei resemble over-sized anteaters with opposable thumbs and huge claws on their fore legs that have over the millennium developed into the strong hands which they used to dominate the jungle world of Leethra. L'nhraei adults grow to be between 2 and 2.5 meters (6 and 8 feet) long and 30 to 62kg (65 to 140 pounds) in weight. Their bodies include a 3- to 4-foot-long torso and a bushy tail of up to the same length. The L'nhraei adult's hair is long, straight and coarse. The bushy tail is particularly coarse, even straw-like, and is usually darker in color than the rest of the L'nhraei's body. The L'nhraei lead a relatively short life, the oldest L'nhraei lived to be approximately 65 years old. Although the L'nhraei are a highly advanced species, they have yet to find a way to increase the life expectancy of the population. The L'nhraei are a highly social being, they tend to live in huge underground cities that were constructed so as to save the pristine beauty of their planet, which they view to be sacred. The L'nhraei are well known for their superior agricultural products. The L'nhraei themselves are herbivores and insectivores and have developed a society where peaceful coexistence and cohabitation with the environment and species within that environment have been held sacred. There is even a rumor that the L'nhraei are the true peacemakers of the Luna Minoris Confederacy.

In L'nhraei society there is tolerance for people who conform to the societal norms. Some characteristics that define those societal norms include the belief that extended family structures, decision taken by the elected council of elders, and "green" consumerism - capitalism so long as it does not harm the balance of the environment are the best and only way to go. For the people who do not conform to these norms, they are ostracized for believing and following norms that the society views are against the natural balance of the environment. These ostracized people are then rejected from society - this has proven to be a huge social problem as recently more and more of these displaced minorities have been trying to band together to violently force change and greater tolerance in L'nhraei society.

The L'nhraei have developed their cities underground, so that the planet itself remains as virgin-like as possible. They are an amazing testament of style as the underground cities are (to all purposes) duplicates of what's above ground. Because of the number of parklands and sanctuaries for thought and meditation, one could hardly tell the difference between an L'nhraei megalopolis and a Taurii village.

A strong parliamentary system rules supreme in the L'nhraei society. The Parliament, known as the Council of Elders is responsible for legislative and executive responsibilities. A separate Council of Elder Arbitrators is responsible for judicial overview and for the application of penalties for violations of the Council of Elders' decisions.

The Council of Elders inherits its name because of the minimum age requirement to join the Council of Elders. No individual under 50 years old can be a member of the Council of Elder. Whilst the Council is democratically elected, the selection pool is necessarily small because L'nhraei has a short lifespan - the Council also only seats 50 individuals. There is a L'nhraei superstition that those who have a longer lifespan have been chosen by the gods for a greater purpose - hence why the Council of Elders is respected and being elected to serve on that Council is considered an honour.

The L'nhraei maintains a small military that has very little projecting power. The L'nhraei military numbers just enough to maintain a moderate protection of L'nhraei controlled space. The need for a stronger military has never been felt by the L'nhraei and now being at the heart of the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds the feeling has been reinforced.

There have been numerous calls to disband the entire military once and for all.

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