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Basic Details

Acadanans Concept by David Collins
Key Species Traits: Pacifists, medicine-phobic, balanced, empathic, pragmatic
Original Homeworld(s): Acadanan I (Acadanan Star System)
Faction(s) where found: Luna Minoris Confederacy
Population: 150 billion

Physical Characteristics

Average Weight: 35 kg
Average Height: 1.30 m
Maturing Cycle:
  • Long development cycle of 50 terran years

Biological Traits:
  • Descendants of a species of plants
  • Bipedal, fingers and limbs are branches and leaves of a sentient life
  • Can extend and replace severed limbs over time, some are extremely strong
  • Body colours are varying shades of green and browns
  • Empathic
  • Agile

Relationships and Family Structures:

Relationships and sexual behaviour:
  • Reproduction by pollination
  • Acadanans bloom once a year, their green bodies flowering and releasing pollen
Family Structures:
  • No father or mother figure, the Salath collectively raise seedlings
  • Natural selection committee determines if seedlings are considered too weak
  • Seedlings considered strong enough will be nurtured by the Salath to adulthood

Societal Structures

Societal details:
  • High degree of interdependence
  • Live collectively in cities that look like pristine virgin forests
  • Factories are buried underground
  • Weak central government led by a ‘Grand Salath’
  • Decisions are taken through an empathic forum of the ‘Salath,’ all adults have equal weight in the ‘Salath’ and take decisions together and through consensus.
  • Phobic of doctors and medicine, though attitudes are slowly evolving


Language details:
  • Acadanans do not speak as they lack vocal chords, they communicate through various means:
    • a form of sign language using their limbs,
    • by creating coloured flowers that they can produce and release rapidly,
    • chemical secretions to express strong emotions and needs,
    • and can push images to empathic and telepathic individuals.
Common phrases used:
  • “I byde my time” – There is never a need to be hasty

For Information

Additional Details:
  • Naming convention: First image pushed by seedling to the Salath determines their name. Example: “Blue Stars above Stream”
  • Isolationist by nature, prefer to keep to their own kind
  • Extremely skilled horticulturalists
  • Excellent sense of surroundings and can feel presence of others
  • Pacifists, but can end a fight if necessary
Useable by other New Worlds team members: Yes
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