Gohorn Society in the 26th Century

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Capital City Matte Painting by Adam Burn

Gender roles in the Gohorn Directorate

The Gohorn Directorate is a two tiered, male-dominated society of warriors. All warriors are equal (the term citizen or civilian does not really exist in the Directorate) but only as long as they are men.

There is hardly any physical differentiation between men and women; however one rarely finds a female Gohorn in command of a starship.

Female Gohorns are the predominant make-up of the Gohorn support (medical, repair etc.), intelligence and tactical analysis departments.

Religion in the Directorate: The Johas Faith

The Gohorns do have a predominant religion, the Johas faith, to which everyone subscribes. However, unlike the religions of other races, the Johas religion requires nothing less than believing in Johas the Creator (who is supposed to have forged the universe with his sword.) There is no praying involved. There is only an obligation to follow the Seven principles of Johas the Creator.

These seven principles are all concerned with conquest and war, and one of the main reasons for the Gohorn "Dark Years," in which Gohorn Prime was split up in to warring factions. More recent interpretations of the Seven Principles have meant that the Gohorns, whilst always seeking conquest, are less untoward with their violence.

The Jar Kemek (seen on the symbol of the Gohorn Directorate and the sword of Johas) is stored in the Izmarx system.

The Art of War of the Gohorn society

War and Battle are most central to the Gohorn culture. All Gohorns will do 15 years of compulsory military service, which almost all of them do willingly. Many stay on after the 15 years and train to become officers.

 A soldier is highly regarded in Gohorn society because the military is the path to power. There is no fighting amongst the Gohorns except on a training level. Gohorns do not challenge each other to brawls, nor do they fight to the death just for the sake of fighting to the death. Battle is highly respected and not something that should be abused.

The Gohorn Directorate is not anarchistic. Despite an obsession with combat and battle, the act itself is revered rather than simply practiced frequently. Indeed, the Gohorns look down upon those cultures that are violent without restriction. Races who engage in such acts of senseless violence, like killing each other in bar-fights over a split drink, or fighting someone just for the pleasure of killing them are treated with the contempt of the Gohorns.

This contempt has caused problems for the Directorate. There is a large minority amongst Gohorns who are considered anarchistic in their ways. They are the people who get in to bar fights or kill people for little reason.

 Unfortunately, is it the Gohorn education system that creates these people, and it creates them as readily as it creates those who respect and revere the art of battle as something akin to a religious practice. These people are highly dangerous, but the Directorate want nothing to do with them. Many live in the Directorate's fringe systems, or join pirate groups.

The act of battle itself is an experience the Gohorns respect and hold in high esteem. To say one has been in battle is akin to claiming to have saved someone's life in the TDR. War is not treated lightly by Gohorns either. Honour is very important, which is why war the Gohorns are not frivolous in their wars. War to the Gohorns is like a religious ceremony to a firm believer.

However, honour is a private matter. It is not something bandied around like a religious text, honour is considered an internal integrity and not the business of other people unless it endangers others needlessly. The Gohorns can be considered to be utilitarian in their nature. They enjoy battle, however only if battle is necessary (conquest is considered one of those necessities).

There are few rituals in Gohorn societies, as previously stated the only obligation to the Gohorn religion is following seven principles. When shouting is not necessary, Gohorns do not shout. They are direct speakers most of the time.

Gohorn family structures

Family is not a word that Gohorns understand. For the Gohorns, there is no family structure whatsoever. "Father," "Mother," "Brother," "Sister," these terms do not exist. When a Gohorn child is born, he/she is immediately sent to an educational facility where they children are raised to know what a true Gohorn is. They are taught the basics of combat and the founding principles about which the Directorate is based.

A child may never see its parents again, and even if it were to meet with them later in life, it would be the same as meeting any other person. Having children is an honour because it continues the species, however Gohorn mothers are not required, and do not want to child rear. Special sections of the Gohorn Support Services perform this function.

Prejudice in the Directorate

The Gohorns hatred of the Terrans for their actions is superseded only by their hatred for criminals and telepaths. Criminal behaviour, especially piracy, is an incredibly shameful act worthy of immediate execution. Piracy would be one such condition when honour becomes the business of others.

Telepaths are hated in Gohorn society because they are unnatural and obscene, and there is an element of jealousy towards humans who have a clear advantage in this area.

The role of science and technology in the Directorate

Technological advancement in the Gohorn Directorate comes solely out of the military apparatus. All technology in the Directorate would have first been invented with a view to its military application.

If technology does not serve the military, it is likely that the Gohorn Directorate has not invested the time or energy to develop it. In weapons technology and other military hardware the Directorate is at the cutting edge of scientific innovation, however in the realm of consumer goods and technology meant to improve the quality of life, the Gohorns are further behind.

Attitudes towards cloning

In the Gohorn Directorate, cloning is only used to clone organs for replacements. The Directorate never felt the need to develop cloning of a whole person, therefore does not have the technology.

Entertainment, media, and culture in the Directorate

The Directorate lacks any kind of news service. Information is handed out to the people in daily information packets called "Briefs." These are sets of information files that are sent to every Gohorn, including all the relevant information that that Gohorn needs to know. Journalism is not a concept known to the Gohorns, and so they find the idea of Terran news reporting to be offensive. There have been several controversial incidents when Terran journalists were placed in Gohorn jails because of the way they conducted themselves.

Gohorns entertain themselves through sporting activities. These sports are often tests of endurance, stamina and strength, however not all of them are violent. Gohorns enjoy pushing the physical limits.

Their music is most easily described as "bombastic." Gohorn music is all about glorifying the Gohorn species, the Directorate and immortalising the events in the Directorate's history through grand symphonies. The Gohorns do not enjoy singing, or those who sing.

Gohorn architectural style

Gohorn Cities are the basic settlement of Gohorn culture. There are very few rural areas left on the major Gohorn worlds, the food being grown and imported from huge arboretums and farms on other planets or in the cities themselves. With many tall skyscrapers, Gohorn cities often look cluttered and somewhat dirty. However, this is not the case.

While the city's appearance may be dirty, it is not. It is simply the colours used by the Gohorns that make it look that way. The cities are usually built in Greens or Browns, the same colours as their starships and of their skin. Gohorn cities are also slightly Gothic too, with statues of famous Gohorn soldiers lining the streets and in the middle of squares. The cities successfully combine modern buildings with old ones to create a look that reminds the Gohorns of their heritage and also boasts their current technological level.