The Department of Acquired Artifacts

in Museum of Interstellar Peace

Millwaukee Museum from south-west
Interactive informational screen continues to flash "Welcome, Welcome to the Museum of Interstellar Peace, This museum holds the way to many, many seekers of truth. From past to the presents, every different ways of life, different cultures appear, from the joys to the hardships of many, from agriculture ways to great energy of the prophets.

The Museum of Interstellar Peace, welcomes you to wander around, enjoy the sights, and join in the everyday details of the place, and don't forget to enjoy the near by attractions such as Botanical Planet Spa, and Shoppers Boulevard, and of course, Teal Fox's Bar. "

Several tourist made thier way into museum admiring the structure from the doors, "so this is what Ancient Greece, would look like?" Dai'Sri looked over at Mh' Dan with a shrug, " I guess, I have never been there." with a smirk. "Come on, I want to see the rest of this place, "as Dai'Sri dragged Mh'Dan.

Janice chuckled under her breathe, hearing the conversation. There was a tap on her shoulder, " Excuse me, but "Enlightenment Exhibit " has arrived." Janice turned towards Duval, "Thank you for telling me." 

Duval continued, " Do you think the Board Members will approve of all this?"

"Don't you think, if they didn't it wouldn't have been delivered?"

"True, true." Duval glanced over at her, "how do you feel about .."

Her mistic blue eyes sharp on his face, " this exhibit is very powerful so it needs to be in a place such as this, universal museum."

With that statement, they reached the docking area of the Museum, the doors slided open and massive crates stamped with fragile written in every direction possible. One worker stood by one of the crates, as Janice told him, "Open that one, the rest of the crates take them to Masui Department, they will do the rest." 

The worker took the wrench and started to unscrew the bolds, with each turn the walls of the crate fell revealing the statue carved in ivory that stood 7 feet tall, with a figure that stood in a dance motion, one leg crossed over the other, arms up playing a flute, temple head rest engulfed with jewels that would make a queen flutter with envy, the figure leaned against a cravings of natural woods, in the carvings are dragons one facing left the other right, twisting to make one full body. 

Janice smiled total satisifaction, "Such a beautiful sight," as she rounded the statue. " Make sure that its logged carefully in, the stockholders will be well pleased."

She watched Duval lead the way to Masui Department, the workers couldn't quite figure out the big deal, so they just shrugged thier shoulders , continued on with everything else.

Janice quickly moved to her office, slide into the leather chair, that was barely seen behind the massive files of different items for her to sign. She clicked on the monitor, reading the news articles for the day, than sending out her owning message to the stock holders, 

Dear Stockholders,

I am proudly announcing the arrival of "Enlightment Exhibit."

The staff is busily unpacking the crates as this letter is sent out, I expect the opening for this exhibit will be at the end of this week. 

If you have any concerns, feel free and stop by and see the items yourself.

Janice Matie
Museum Director 

She tapped once more on the button, "Dawn, Copy letter to file under "Enlightenment" than send it out,please."

Over the intercomm, " Yes, Ms. Matie, also your needed in Archives department,"

"Thank you Dawn, tell them I will be there shortly."