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Rosebourg Monarchy

Census Details

Homeworlds: Beta Hydrae,
Major Species: Navaks, Avrans, Métis (see hybrids)
Territory: 234 star systems
Population: 2.345 trillion inhabitants
Sub-Faction: No

Comparative Details

Powerful space fleet, largest space empire, advanced culture and technology
Economic recession, dependent on Terran aid, prone to internal divisions
Social Indicators:
Tech Level:
Galactic Influence:

Faction’s Details


United at the end of the Beta Hydrae Wars, when the Rosebourgs conquered the last competing royal lineage (the Banquardes), the Monarchy was the first of the new space empires to emerge after the collapse of the Natashan Nation, colonizing planets as early as Earth’s 1990s. The Navaks amassed a major star empire with little opposition, except for the war to conquer the Avrans finishing in 2160.

It is only in the 2200s, with the discovery of the ruins of the Natashan Nation, the Gohorns, and the Terrans that the Rosebourgs start developing a large and powerful space fleet. It is a weapons race won by them until the Recession of 2360 which cripples the Monarchy and renders it dependent on Terran economic aid packages. It nonetheless remains a formidable foe capable of matching any of the other factions militarily.

Tensions within the Monarchy continue to emerge periodically, often started by conquered and nostalgic Navak family lineages, or Avran tensions (2420, 2468, and 2498) – all have been violently put down.

In recent decades, the Monarchy has had several border conflicts with the Dividian Nation, though it generally shares the perspective of the Confederacy on interstellar matters. The Monarchy was an enthusiastic supporter of the Organisation for Interstellar Peace that kept the peace for a century, contributing a sizeable portion of the OIP PeaceForce. It was with surprise that the Monarchy joined the war on the sides of the Terrans in 2502.

Relationship with other factions:
  • Allied with the Terrans,
  • Grudgingly at war with the Gohorns because of the Terrans,
  • Ambivalent towards the Dividians and the Ventaars.
Notable Personalities:
  • His Majesty the King Alexandre VIII,
    • married to Her Majesty the Queen Marie-Anna,
    • bonded to His Majesty, Bonded of the King, André ‘Andrew’
Current Government Type:
Constitutional monarchy characterised by a strong central government and strong executive branch:
  • The Crown (the Royal Court – appointed by the King and his bonded ones)
  • the Royal Council (elected parliament),
  • The Provincial Councils of the Monarchy
    • Greater Beta-Hydrae,
    • Greater Avran,
    • The Outer Provinces.
Historical Details:
For centuries, Beta Hydrae suffers from dynastic wars between the Rosebourgs and the Banquarde. The Rosebourgs gain the upper hand in the early 1900s and launch the final war to unite the planet, the Beta Hydrae Wars in 1902. In 1933, the Rosebourgs conquer the last Banquarde pockets of resistance and successfully unite the planet through the power of the blade. The Rosebourgs then focus quickly their attention on consolidating power, establishing in 1940 the current system of government under the Royal Edict of Centralization and in 1988 launching the first colonization projects in the Beta Hydrae System.

With their efforts exclusively focussed on space colonisation, the Rosebourgs fully colonise Beta Hydrae by 2010 and discover vortex drive in 2015. Facing overpopulation on their own star system Beta Hydrae, colonisation projects in 2030, 2035, and 2040 spearhead quick Rosebourg expansion into space. First contact is made with the Avrans in 2045, followed 50 years later with a full-scale invasion of the Avran homeworld.

The Rosebourgs did not expect the level of opposition they encountered by Avrans, it is only in 2160, nearly 50 years after the invasion began that the last of the Avran nation-state falls and the Rosebourg Monarchy successfully annexes the Avran star system. The Navak and the Avran people begin a long and painful process of cultural integration which spawns the most powerful Monarchy in the Known Galaxy.

In 2213, archaeologists discover the first of ruins of the former great Natashan Nation, a search which would continue to attract the attention of the Rosebourgs for centuries. In 2227, first contact with the Gohorn Directorate underlines to the Rosebourgs the importance of investing in its military, it is followed with first contact with the Terrans in 2294. In 2296, the Rosebourg Monarchy intervenes to stop a military coup on Earth at the request of the civilian government, relations with the Terrans subsequently bloom into a relationship of friendship, mutual respect, and assistance.

The 2300s are marked with major advancements in Rosebourg exploration, with the Rosebourg Royal Expeditionary Force making contact with what is believed to be the Natashan Nation. In 2329, the cautious King Georges I bans further exploration until a major force can be amassed in Grace Minoris. Further plans to expand into the territories are stopped by the Great Depression in 2360. In 2344, the Terrans and the Rosebourgs enter into a full alliance, whilst first contact with the Dividians almost leads to war in 2355 during the Dividian Crisis following a perception that Navaks and Avrans were being treated as second-class citizens. First contact with the Architects is made in 2390.

In 2408, the Edit on Peaceful Co-Existence in Space passed by King Prax IV enables the Monarchy to join the Organisation for Interstellar Peace. First contact is made with the remaining powers of what will become the Luna Minoris Confederacy between 2412-2427. War is nearly averted with the Leethrans in 2427 when a Rosebourg spy ship explodes shortly after the signing of a peace treaty, to prevent an expensive war, the Monarchy issues an apology. The period is marked by a series of internal tensions with Avran separatist movements requiring the intervention of the Rosebourg's superior military force during the Avran Crises of 2420, 2468, and 2498. Tensions also continue to remain high with the Dividians requiring the intervention of the OIP in 2430.

By the 26th Century, the Rosebourg economy enters into recession for the first time since 2360. The attention to the economy is abruptly stopped when the Monarchy declares war on the Gohorns honouring its terms of alliance with the Terrans becoming the third major faction to enter the 2nd Terran-Gohorn War.
Social, Economic, Cultural Details:

The Rosebourg economic situation is dire, since the 2360s, the Rosebourg Monarchy has been slowly recovering from a recession which has led to a prolonged period of stagflation with brief bouts of deflation. Efforts to reinvigorate the Rosebourg economy have so far been only effective in averting economic recession. Increasingly this has created a certain level of dependency on Terran economic hand-outs to ensure that one of the leading economic powers does not create the first interstellar recession.

The economic situation is rather contrasted, it is the Navak territories that are particularly hard-hit by the economic difficulties, whilst the Avran territories are performing economically well. The use of Avran economic surpluses to prop up the Rosebourg Monarchy further fuels latent Avran nationalism that remains years after the Avrans were integrated into the Monarchy.

The socio-cultural situation is similarly contrasted, the Rosebourg Monarchy is in fact the tale of two Monarchies that continue to live in two very distinct socio-cultural realities, as one goes up the social chain, the more likely you are to encounter a truly mixed societal experience. Navak society is on the whole more aristocratic and more religious than Avran society. Avran society is a class-based society. Cross-class interaction remains only on the professional scale, and for the most part an Avran of higher class will befriend an Avran of lower class.

Military Details:
  • The Royal Fleet
  • The Royal Legionnaires
  • Defense Fighter Force
  • Royal Guard

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