Fox's Bar

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Location: TealFox's Bar, Starport Nuribis
In-Story Timestamp: 01/1/2516
TealFox's Bar: located on the lower levels of Starport Nuribis, at the gate of the Architect home system. It is part of the seedy bars that have made their home on the Starport, and few starports in the universe rival Nuribis in terms of commercial traffic in part because it is under the jurisdiction of the O.I.P.(or what is left of it), it also is accessible to everyone. 

Fox's Bar, a renowned bar that has been a part of the starport's scene for quite a while. No one really knows when it was opened, but it is frequented by the honorable and the dishonorable just the same. It's also, they say, one of the rare places where the War still hasn't reached. A place where all kinds of different alien races mix and match, talk, and swear at one another. Whether it is a place to put one's feet up, make a trade deal, or a place to chug down one's sorrow, Fox's Bar is open to the sad of heart, as well as the ecstatic, or those simply with business.

A place where people can meet one another, hold secret meetings without the fear of being constantly watched. As if the bartender could care at all about what you're planning. All he cares about is getting his money, and he accepts LMC E.C.'s, Rosebourg Dloobs, Terran Credits, and Gohorn asharns. Fox's Bar is a true locale for rendez-vous, romantic dinners, and gambling all in the same mix.

Think of the Bar as being divided in two, right down the middle... The two are connected by a large glass doors that slide open with a hum each time they are passed through. It creaks a little every ten times it opens... a result of lack of maintenance (or ghosts?).

It is also connected by an intricate model railway, designed after the 20th Century European railways of France, Belgium, and Germany. The alien guests who come by the first time are quite surprised and intrigued by it. For the bartender, it's one of the ways he keeps his nostalgia of Earth alive. In any case, European TGV's fly through, carrying free food and appetizers to be tasted and tried out by the guests of the bar.

On the North side of the Bar, is the Foxy Ball Room, the place is for the classy, it is well lit, and has a ballroom dance floor, which is surrounded by tables for those who wish to grab a bite to eat. It is always filled with jazzy music, latin, or smooth slow dance songs which are perfect to dance to or to have candle-lit dinners.

On the South side of the Bar, is the heart of Fox's Bar, the red-lit bar, is your typical downtown bar, where the bartender serves the finest series of alcoholic drinks this side of neutral space. The model trains rush through, unaware of the deep conversations that take place in the midst of the shouting that goes on at the various game tables, Rosebourg games, Gohorn games, Terran games, take your pick Fox has it. But most people come here for the chugging down of little shots of very strong alcohol.

It is a true meeting of the mind, a place from which novels are written, a place where romance flourishes, where interaction takes place in oh so many forms.

"Welcome to the Bar, first time here, heh? I'll be right with you," Xavier Trunks, the bartender and owner of Fox's Bar says as he prepares the drink for another of his customer.
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