Ventaar Society in the 26th Century

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Highly dependant on the success of the LMC

Ventaar society is perhaps the society, which receives the most economic aid from the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds; the Dividians coming quite close in the amount of economic aid they receive

Militarised society similar to the Gohorns

The reason for the Ventaar's economic "weakness" is their militarism, the Ventaar have the greatest military strength in the Luna Minoris Confederacy, and this is because the military is the society.

Like Gohorn society, the Ventaars are a two-tiered male dominated society where Ventaar male warriors are all equal (like in Gohorn society, there is no term for civilian in the Ventaar language.

Ventaar female have also evolved to become the predominant make-up of the Gohorn support (medical, repair etc.), intelligence and tactical analysis departments.

Role of women in the military leadership

The one key difference, Ventaar female have all risen to become the high military leadership of Ventaar society, there is no male at the Admiralty-General level.

Capable diplomats, but an evolution similar to the Gohorns

Although Ventaar society has, unlike Gohorn society, learned to benefit from diplomacy - in fact the Ventaars are quite adequate diplomats when it is to their military advantage, the rest of Ventaar society has evolved exactly like Gohorn society (except for name changes). This fact continues to puzzle sociologists from all around the galaxy.

Ventaar Gothic-like Cities

The Gothic-like cities of the Ventaars resemble duplicates of the Gohorn cities, right down to the use of arboretums on the moons of Gohorn Minor Prime to grow the food of the Ventaars. It's been very long since the last rural holdout was turned into a part of the massive green and brown-painted urban morass that is a Ventaar city.