Raqwan Fighter Bomber

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Raqwan Class Gohorn Fighter Bomber Tech Spec by Anton Cherevan


Flag State: Gohorn Directorate
Civilian Ship: No
Type: Fighter Bomber
Purpose: Forward Assault

Key Figures

Length: 19 m
Width: 14 m
Height: 7 m
# built: 45,000
Crew: 2
Compartments: 1

Comparative Ratings


Basic Description

The Raqwan class bomber is the only Gohorn fighter capable of both atmospheric and space flight. When the first skirmishes of the First Terran/Gohorn war began, the Gohorns were being defeated on the space battlefield and on the ground by Terran fighters. Fighter craft were not new phenomena for the Gohorn military, the Rosebourg Monarchy employed them, however not to the same extent as the Terrans did.

Thus, when the first generation of Gohorn fighter craft were conceived, so was the Raqwan. The fighter used in service now is much more advanced than the first generation, and resembles said first generation Raqwan only by name. However the mission of the Raqwan is the same, to destroy. Raqwan bombers are now outfitted with only minimal defensive weapons, as the new generation of Erktat Fighter Interceptors has meant that Raqwan bombers can be protected whilst performing their missions, without the need for its own defensive weapons to distract it.

The Raqwan's mission is a simple and direct one. It is outfitted with ship to surface bombs capable of causing large damage. The Raqwan bomber is used to destroy ground installations. It has comparable speed to the Jarkat class Heavy Battle fighter, however is much less heavily armed when it comes to defending itself. The Raqwan relies on its defence from other ships, in order to perform its mission. The bombs are kept in a bay fixed to the bottom of the craft, and can be released at as many as two at a time.

Sub-Light Propulsion System

Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
Model: Atmospheric-Stellar-912
Normal Cruising Speed: 20,000 km/sec
Emergency Speed: 24,650 km/sec
Maximum Speed: 26,300 km/sec

Defensive Systems

Countermeasures and Interceptors

Counter Measures:
Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
Type: Yavtak
Range: 25,000 Km
Payload: 3 maximum: 3
Anti Missile/Torpedoes Interceptors:
Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
Type: Garbot
Range: 21,500 Km
Payload: 2 maximum: 2

Laser System

Forward Laser Turrets: 1
Firing Arc: 180 degree(s)
Firepower: 0,85 TW

Missile Systems:

Forward Launchers: 1
Model: STSU-419
Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
Available Payload: 10 missiles
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