MedVac Medical Extraction Carrier

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Flag State: Terran Democratic Republic
Civilian Ship: No
Type: Medical Craft
Purpose: Medical Relief

Key Figures

Length: 20 m
Width: 4,86 m
Height: 6 m
Crew: 2 pilots, 4 gunners, 9-12 patients, 2 medics
Compartments: 2

Comparative Ratings


Basic Description

History has always proven the necessity and usefulness of having medical extraction carriers that were capable of operating in hot situations. The MedVac Medical Extraction Carrier by EADS 2500 continues in a long line of medical extraction carriers that have been developed by the company for centuries.

The MedVac carrier is characterised by its ability to carry a large amount of patients on board, as well as the necessary crew to man all anti-personnel swivel guns which are equipped on the craft. Lacking missile launching systems, however, the MedVac is defended lightly against air attack.

The MedVac Carrier is an advanced medical extraction carrier, able to carry soldiers quickly out from the battlefields and into even more advanced medical units. The MedVac Carrier has the ability of taking the most urgent of first aid treatment. A definite testament to the advancements in medical technology. The MedVac Carrier will have its work cut out in the new Terran-Gohorn war.

Hover Propulsion System

Manufacturer: EADS 2500, Hera
Model: Turbomeca E181214 Ion Reactors
Ground Lift: 30 m
Normal Speed: 43 km/h
Emergency Speed: 270 km/h
Maximum Speed: 320 km/h

Laser System

Forward Laser Turrets: 2
Model: MedVac Stun 435
Manufacturer: EADS 2500
Firing Arc: 360 degree(s)
Firepower: 0,6 TW
Aft Laser Turrets: 2
Model: MedVac Stun 435
Manufacturer: EADS 2500
Firing Arc: 360 degree(s)
Firepower: 0,6 TW

Defensive Systems

Countermeasures and Interceptors

Anti Missile/Torpedoes Interceptors:
Manufacturer: EADS 2500
Type: Limited 3
Range: 2,500 Km
Payload: 4 maximum: 4

Internal Room Layout

Compartments: 1

Internal Room Layout

Compartments: 2
Fore: 2 Laser Turrets
Central: Medical Area
Aft: 2 Laser Turrets
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