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The Humanist "anti-alien" movement

The largest of the Terran Democratic Republic's Humanist (and therefore, anti-alien) groups, "The Human Way" has two fronts, a political and a terrorist front, though the two have never been linked. The Human Way's political front has some power, however not a great deal.

Ninety-seven percent of the population of the Terran Democratic Republic have no problem with aliens, and are perfectly accepting human beings. A further two percent of the population would vote for "Human Way" for Security Council representatives and council members because they believe what the "Human Way" is saying. However these people are not violent, they simply hold racist opinions.

Unproven terrorist links with the Army of the Pure

The remaining one percent of the TDR's population is more pro-actively anti-alien. Half of these people will be out-spoken Humanists who bring up radical political and social policies, whilst the other half are those who turn to violence to express their hatred. Often these people are members of the terrorist wing of "Human Way," which call themselves "The Army of the Pure." The United Nations Civil Security Force hunts the terrorist wing, but a lack of evidence linking "Human Way" with "The Army of the Pure" has meant that banning them has been impossible.

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