Dividian Society in the 26th Century

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Viziers Pride Dividian Prime Matte Painting by Adam Burn

Influence of other cultures on the Dividian Nation

Dividian society has been greatly influenced by the arrival of the Rosebourg Monarchy on its border. The society has been forced to review the principles and the wisdom of its religion and the arrival of more Rosebourg and Terran citizens on its borders have led to increased hatred of what is alien. The Dividian society views that the Luna Minoris Confederacy is its only hope to prevent it from being swallowed by its bigger Rosebourg neighbour.

Anti-Rosebourg and Terran sentiments are common, and violent conflict between the Dividian majority and the Rosebourg minority has led to major societal problems. The society also faces increased problems from a growing atheist population that is rejecting the old religious teachings and attempting to violently assert secularization.

An Interstellar Theocracy

Dividian society was built around the central tenet of faith; the Dividians believe that the Dividian Nation was formed out of the war between the Viziers, hence the Name of the Religion is simply Vizien or The Faith and the different aspects of this Faith or Vizien are The Viziers. In order to understand the Dividian culture, one must understand the Dividian religion. The Viziers are the Dividians' gods, and represent the various qualities and faults that the Dividians view are a part of them. The Vizier of Pride, of Love, of Hate, of Politics, of Diplomacy etc.

Living a life dedicated to emulate the Vizier of Stability

The Dividian society is divided into the followers of the various viziers; Dividians live their life trying to emulate the Vizier of Stability the Vizier who finally formed the Dividian nation. In order to become more like the Vizier of Stability, the Dividians choose and join an order (that has one patron vizier) when they are old enough to speak. It is viewed that because the choice is made before one can make an informed opinion on the matter, that the Dividian follows the path chosen by the Viziers.

The order will then take the child from their parents and this order will teach them all they have to learn to perform the role of the Vizier, the child returns to his family once the child has successfully passed the Completion Rite at the end of their puberty. From there, the child performs the role that he has been trained to do for the Dividian society, until his death where his performance is judged in the Vizier afterlife. Some archaeologists and anthropologists have mentioned that Dividian society strongly resembles what they know so far of the Natashan Nation.

Dividian architectural style

The Dividian homeworld was built underground, although the Dividians never built their city for any particular beauty, whereas L'nhraei underground cities look like they could have been built above ground, this isn't the case for the Dividians who have built everything to match the colour of the rocks. The underground cities though, soon proved too large, and the Dividians have slowly begun expanding their cities above ground. Due to the lack of skills in urban engineering above ground, Dividian cities above ground have tended to be highly functional, grid-like, and tasteless.