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Basic Details

One Gohorn is Sufficient Matte Painting by David Collins
Key Species Traits: valiant, noble, militaristic, prideful, principled
Original Homeworld(s): Gohorn Prime
Faction(s) where found: Gohorn Directorate
Population: 1.26 trillion

Physical Characteristics

Average Weight: 150 kg
Average Height: 3 m
Biological Traits:
  • Skin tone varying shades of green, leathery in texture, similar to lizards

  • Long black hair, males braid their hair down to thighs, females braid differently

  • Broad shaped, large muscled limbs – stronger than the average human

  • Claws replace finger nails

  • Two large upper incisors

  • Average lifespan nearly 150 years, extended to 250 years by medical technology  

  • Sharp eyesight, weak sense of smell

  • Faces tend to be wider than the average human

  • Highly resistant to disease and illnesses due to a highly evolved immune system

  • Red eyes

  • No telepathic abilities

Relationships and Family Structures:

Family Structures:
  • Inexistent family culture:

    • Children reared by the Directorate in central education centres

    • Females have no desire to rear children in family units

Societal Structures

Societal details:
  • Two-tied and male-dominated

  • Military is the end-all and be-all of the Directorate 

  • Strong warrior culture

  • Females assigned to support roles (medical, repair, intelligence, analysis)

  • Predominant faith is the Johas faith underpinned by its 7 principles

  • War and battle are central tenements of Gohorn society:

    • War and battle is waged only when necessary, but is appreciated

    • Honourable 

    • Strict code of conduct

    • 15 years of mandatory military service

  • Abhor meaningless violence, criminals, and telepaths 


For Information

Additional Details:
Ethic Minorities
Like ethnic minorities amongst the Terrans, there are ethnic minorities amongst the Gohorns because of their skin colour. This difference in skin colouring has led to the birth of many variations on the Gohorn culture.
Creator’s Notes to other team members:
Writing for a Gohorn
  • Naming convention: Mono or duo-syllabic names with one harsh consonant

    • Examples include Prezal, Larjarak, Saljka for males

    • One apostrophe after first syllable for females: Mor’Wan, Ark’Jor 

  • Plain-spoken

  • Principled, see the world in simple terms of right and wrong. 

  • Deeply respectful of warriors

  • Militaristic and highly respectful of chains of command

  • Highly reverent of war and battle, but not blood-thirsty

Useable by other New Worlds team members: Yes

Gohorns by David Collins

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