Hovercrafts of the Gohorn Remteklar

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Listing of the major classes currently in active service in the Gohorn Remteklar

  • Surface-to-Surface Artillery
    Lingar Missiles

  • Mobile Surface-to-Surface Artillery
    Lingar'Ra Missiles

  • Surface-to-Air Missile Battery
    Yolot Missiles

  • Mobile Surface-to-Air Missile Battery
    Yolot'Ra Missiles

  • Weapons Platform
    Kilor Platform

  • Hover-Tank
    Ash'Wa Tank

  • Heavy Hover-Tank
    Ral'Ta Tank

  • Mega Hover-Tank
    Manorl Tank

  • Armoured Personnel Carrier
    Laktan Carrier

  • Command Vehicle
    Remteklar'Men Vehicle

  • "Tank-Buster" Hovercraft
    Qazla Craft

  • Hover Personnel Carrier
    Laktan'To Carrier

  • Hover Medical Extraction Carrier
    Jos Carrier

  • Reconnaissance Hovercraft
    Kay'Ton Craft
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