Chapter 1

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"Yeah? I'm listening," Jim looked at his conquered pray sleeping naked on the bed, he hadn't bothered to get his own clothes on as he rushed to answer the vid-phone.

"We'll make the hit today then, teach the Dividian bastards who they're dealing with," Jim added, as he answered the man on the other line.

"We'll pick up the explosive charges today - Yeah - no problem, no problem, don't worry we'll hit the school good."

"We've been training to do this for weeks, it's no worries at all."

"What? You don't trust me?" Jim laughed, "You should learn to trust me more - by this time tomorrow we'll be on the headlines again."

"Well - the school's got about hundred twenty of those Dividian bastards' kids - And about twenty of ours - we take the school hostage, get the right kids out and then that's that."

"You bet they're gonna be shakin' in their boots," Jim looked over the plans of the school. "How long will it take?" He paused thinking about it himself.

"I dunno - I wouldn't say more than an hour or so - You're going to have the phone lines cut right?"

"Right, so if you have the phone lines cut, it's no problem - there's no way they can find out what's happening to them before they deploy their faith coppers."

"So where we meeting after the hit? We're meeting the entire gang, right?" He waited a minute, nodding his head as he received the answer.

"Okay, we meet at the Eva - 23:30 - You got the press statement ready - No kidding? You think you're gonna make that many credits on that?"

He looked back and observed the under-aged Avran, licking his lips, "Mmmhmm - sounds good to me - all that cash."

"What?" His attention returned to the vid-phone, "Yeah - I've got a boy in here."

"Is he good?" He shrugged, "Yeah, he's good for a first timer - I think he's a keeper for a few nights or so."

"Well - you know me, always sleeping around when I can. But anyway, I gotta go if we're gonna make that hit. Take care boss."

"Yeah - yeah - This one's for us. Take care!" The click of the vid-phone announced the end of the conversation as he turned his attention to his sleeping beauty, "Hey kid!" He shouted again, "Kid, wake up for Quadaz's sake."

The underage boy mumbled, as his body stretched, his eyes peeling open. How did I get here? He mumbled as he looked at the drab walls with their peeled off wallpaper. He must have drunk quite a bit last night, he muttered. No clothes? He sighed; he must have really done it this time. He looked over at the other naked person in the room - well, at least he had hooked onto something hunky. He got off from the bed and got up, receiving a wet kiss and a tug on his most sensitive body parts from Jim. Jim was quick to pull back.

"Kid, where do you live?"

"Over by Offsveldz," He replied truthfully.

"You're a collaborator kid?" He muttered, "Oh great - just what I needed."

"What are we doing today?- "He didn't want to go to school, and since he had slept with this guy, maybe he could skip school altogether with him as his companion.

"Forget it, you're going home. I've got work to do."
"Work? How about I tag along with you?"

"Uhh-" Jim took one look at him, "No."

"Aww- come on, it'll be fun."

"You're not coming along," Jim, looked around the dirty room to try and find the kid's clothes, "Put your stuff on, I'm driving you home."

"With what?"

Jim looked at the kid for an instant, "Drank a bit last night?"

"I don't remember."

"Quadaz - I got to remember you Avrans don't act drunk when you are drunk."

"Mmmhmm" The boy licked his lips.

"Oh no you don't, if you want some more, you come back to the Eva tonight."

"Okay - at what time?"

"After midnight, kid. As I said - work to do."

Jim looked over at his own drabby clothes - he'd have to grab some new ones at some point. He grabbed his black leather overalls, and looked at the new pair of holes he'd collected - yesterday's hit was a little bit close. He sighed, looking at himself in the mirror. His hair was a mess, but his new blue streaks were still hanging in there and making him look sexy - in a dirty kid kind of way. He looked much younger than he actually was - He sighed, no more time to think about good looks. There was a hit to be done. He looked over at the kid, and shook his head - Collaborator kid? How the hell could he not have seen that coming?

"Come on, I'm driving you home," Jim walked over to the door which immediately hissed open and grinded to a stop half-way there - that's what he got for renting such a crummy place, nothing worked.

The kid followed Jim out of the apartment, as the door crunched back closed. Jim didn't even bother to order the thing to lock - It's not as if there was anything worth stealing inside the apartment anyhow. He pulled out his card to see how much credit he had on his card - 150 credits -that'd be about enough to get his hover-bike what it needed in terms of propulsion. The kid was observing his backside - he could feel it as he made it down the steps - the metal of the staircase was all rusty and made a loud grinding noise as the two made their way. They walked out of the apartment - its entrance door long gone, it had been destroyed during a Dividian police shoot-out against some "supposed" Rosebourg gangsters. 
Jim looked at his hover-roadster, nodding proudly as the blue reflected against the sunlight. He looked from left to right, seeing some Navak kids playing in the dirt, their rackety clothes punctured everywhere with holes. The façade of every building on the street needed repair - some of the signs of the stores were half falling apart, and many of the windows that had many years ago made up the store window-shells had been replaced by wood or brick - the community had long lost its potential to recover on its own. Jim sighed; hating having to look at this scene every single time- it furthered his resolve to do these hits. He turned on the clutch - his hover-roadster's engines making loud, furious noise, as he felt the familiar hands of his under-aged boy holding on to him. Offsveldz was a community that was better off - but not by much, inhabited by the collaborators who actually worked and helped the Dividian government.

"Hold on tight, Kid - I'll get you home quick."

The hover-roadster hovered down the unmaintained road, as it rushed towards speeds of three hundred kilometres per hour. It hummed loudly, as Jim took his bike to speeds higher than nine hundred kilometres per hour. A left - . A right - he began to leave the poorer parts and reach the less poorer parts: Offsveldz. He looked at some of the buildings in the district - what he would give to have a half-painted building that looked like a decent house. At least these buildings had windows, which wasn't the case in his district. He slowed to a stop, as he approached the main commercial district of Offsveldz - a crazy market place that seemed more reminiscent of something from even before the medieval ages - where people mostly bartered on the various goods.

"You'll be fine here, Kid?" Jim looked at him, kissing his lips.

"Mmmhmm - thanks for the ride- and everything else," The kid grabbed onto Jim's rear-end.

"See you tonight at the Eva."

"Bye!" The underage Avran disappeared into the masses that made up the market place.

Jim tapped onto the console in front of his hover-roadster, activating his hover-roadster's hyper subspace channel. The call was patched directly to his "crew," as he reactivated his hover-roadster's engines and rode down the crummy roads. His hair flapped back, as he reached his familiar high speeds. He banked his hover-roadster left and right, dodging the various hover-shuttles that were driving too slow for his liking.

"Hey boss, had a good night?" One of his right-hand man replied.

"Yeah - Listen, we're making the hit, get the crew gathered, we're picking up the ammunition right away."

"Roger boss, we'll be waiting for you."

"I'll be there in a few minutes - shouldn't take too long, not much traffic today."

"We'll see you here."

"Laters," He tapped the console on his hover-roadster offline, as he zoomed to the other side of the crummy town.

The huge hangar was owned by one of the biggest cash carrier on the planet - the Rosebourg deputy-ambassador in charge of the consulate on this planet. It was the only building in the Rosebourg ghetto, which actually resembled something decent. Word had it that he had been assigned here because he had violated quite a few diplomatic rules - the Monarchy didn't have the stomach to take him out of the diplomatic scene entirely as his father was a very influential politician - or so the story went. He was a good guy in Jim's eyes, and intelligent he thought as the Boss of a very complicated and untraceable network of shadow companies and holdings. He could see the trucks coming in; carrying all the material they'd need to make their hits. 
He pulled his hover roadster towards the metallic grey building, nodding to the two heavily armed security guards, which protected the entrance. Just above them, two automated rifle laser guns ready to open fire on anything unauthorized. The security guards allowed him entrance, as he gave them both a smile and pulled his hover roadster in. Already the guys were busy getting the material onto their bikes - such hard working guys. He forced his engines to roar loudly as he pulled in and placed his well-equipped hover roadster next to the others lined up inside the hangar. The huge hover-vans were carrying massive loads of explosives, all under the cover of the Rosebourg Monarchy's consulate.

"So you guys are getting everything unloaded okay?" Jim asked, as he grabbed a few packets of explosives to put on the side of his hover-bike.

"Yeah boss, it's no problem at all!" One of the humans in his clan replied, Lukasz was his name.

"Are you going heavy today, Jim?" Damien, his right-hand man asked as he looked over the bazookas, which had been sent.

"Nah, I think I'll let you guys have fun with the heavy artillery today."

"Sounds good to me."

"All right, you guys know the plan" We take the school hostage, first the administration buildings - I don't want a communication to get out, then the classes. Rosebourg and human kids out of the building, and the rest you do what you want to do. Then we take everything out at 15:00 before they can even react."

"Communications in the district?"

"They'll be cut by the other gangs, so no worries. They're already deploying out and also distracting the attention of the faith coppers," Jim replied confidently.

"How was the screw yesterday, boss?" One of the kids asked, laughing.

"Very good, very good," he laughed as well, "We'll have a repeat tonight."

"Woohoo! Go boss!"

Jim walked over to the supply locker, pulling out the helmet that would ensure he wouldn't be visually recognized. He nodded to his crew, smiling behind the helmet, he was glad that they were here - together they'd change the world.

"Let's move out!"

"You heard what the boss said, move out!" Damien echoed, with the guys cheering and waving their rifles and bazookas around.
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