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Flag State: Gohorn Directorate
Civilian Ship: No
Type: Light Destroyer
Purpose: Escort

Key Figures

Length: 1,290 m
Width: 708 m
Height: 430 m
Crew: 550
Compartment: 10

Comparative Ratings


Basic Description

Description of the Ship:

The Backra Light Destroyer was originally approved because large quantities of this vessel can be produced in the shortest amount of time. They do not act as scouts like the Worsam class class can because they do not have the necessary speed.

The War Admiral at the time of the Backra's construction believed that swarm tactics would be the key to the Gohorn success in battle and so endorsed the mass production of Backra class ships. They were built to move in packs of no less than three, these vessels do not operate well alone and nor were they ever intended for lone combat.

Construction Details

Construction Site(s): Gohorn Main Shipyard, Gohorn Prime: The Gohorn System
First Commission: 485.16.10 (16th of October, 2485)
History of the Class:

The production of Backra class vessels did not yield the massive numbers that the War Admiral desired. The technique was later improved by the Kalter gunship.

The Backra has since been replaced with the Asadan which can work on its own, however the Backra is still in service to bolster the strength of fleets and mainly for escort duty.

If absolutely necessary, it can be used to scout though this is not recommended since the Worsam/Kalter/ Ishmire class ships fill this job much more readily.

Faster-than-Light Drive System

Vortex Drive Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps (GEC), Gohorn Prime
Vortex Engine Model: Variable Geometry YGBB/WSSXA-B-VI Class
Normal Cruising Speed: 4,610,121 km/sec
Emergency Speed: 6,399,211 km/sec
Maximum Speed: 6,554,321 km/sec

Defensive Systems

Anti-Fightercraft Defenses
Manufacturer: Research Initiative, Gohorn Prime
System Type: VIII-GVMW-AB
Gun Batteries: 4

Countermeasures and Interceptors

Counter Measures:
Manufacturer: Gohorn Intelligence Bureau, Mirdak VII
Range: 77,560 Km
Payload: 35 maximum: 35
Anti Missile/Torpedoes Interceptors:
Manufacturer: Gohorn Defense Force, Hordan Prime
Range: 18,352 Km
Payload: 8 maximum: 8

Laser System

Forward Laser Turrets: 1
Model: FHAVI
Firing Arc: 120 degree(s)
Firepower: 650 TW
Starboard Laser Turrets: 1
Model: PHAIX
Firing Arc: 120 degree(s)
Firepower: 600 TW
Port Laser Turrets: 1
Model: SHAIV
Firing Arc: 120 degree(s)
Firepower: 600 TW
Aft Laser Turrets: 1
Model: AHAIX
Firing Arc: 120 degree(s)
Firepower: 625 TW

Torpedo Systems

Starboard Launchers: 1
Model: NRRAV
Available Payload: 10 torpedoes
Average Reload Time: 15 sec
Port Launchers: 1
Model: NRRAV
Available Payload: 10 torpedoes
Average Reload Time: 15 sec

Missile Systems:

Forward Launchers: 2
Model: LLMN
Available Payload: 20 missiles
Average Reload Time: 25 sec
Aft Launchers: 1
Available Payload: 15 missiles
Average Reload Time: 25 sec

Special Systems

Onboard System
Name: Anti-Sensor Detection System
Manufacturer: Gohorn Intelligence Bureau, Mirdak VII
Description of System:
Note: Anti-Sensor Detection System only work against starships which are far away, and cause a considerable energy drain on the ship using it.

Main Compartments

Total Compartments: 10
  • 01: Torpedo and Missile Bays, Port and Starboard Lasers
  • 02: Senior Officer's Quarters, Junior Officer's Quarters, Medical Bay
  • 03: Enlisted Officer's Quarters, Mess Area
  • 04: Enlisted Officer's Quarters, Holding Cells, Forward and Aft Lasers
  • 05: Command Center, Briefing Rooms, Captain's Quarters
  • 06: Main Engineering, Main Computer Core
  • 07: Vortex Drive
  • 08: Vortex Drive Maintenance
  • 09: Fighter/Shuttle Bay
  • 10: Cargo Bays, Fore and Aft Lasers, Vortex Drive Exhaust Ports

Support Crafts on Board

Onboard Transport Pods: 2
Onboard Transport Crafts: 3
Onboard Repair Pods: 3
Onboard Fighter Crafts: 6

Internal Room Layout

Compartments: 5 - Command Center

The Command Center for the Backra is circular with consoles along the circumference of the wall. Facing towards the fore sections of the vessel is a large screen that spans from floor to ceiling. The room's ceiling is 5 meters off the floor, to allow room for the Captain of the vessel to stand on the elevated level of the "command deck."

The Command Deck (CD) is a circular platform 3 meters in diameter, raised 1 meter off the deck of the ship. There are rails all around this command deck, with only one staircase on and off it. Attached to the rails are sensor monitors and smaller consoles so if necessary, the Captain can do all the basic functions of the vessel.

Each Captain has his own preference towards seating. Some prefer sitting, others prefer to stand. So when a new Captain boards his vessel, he can either get rid of or bring in a chair for him to sit on. This chair would be fixed in front of the fore most consoles of the railing, facing the screen and can swivel around the rails.

All of the consoles in the Backra's Command Center can be pushed in to the wall if greater space is needed. For instance, the science console, which does not serve as much purpose on this vessel, can quite easily be put away to create room for officers to move around.

Internal Room Layout

Compartments: 6 - Main Engineering

The Engine Room is located above the main Vortex drive area, but there are stairs and lifts down to the Vortex Maintenance rooms. The Engine Room is called so because they regulate the Vortex drive from it and the rest of the systems on the ship. The Main Engine Room is a large, square room with a big circular table in the middle.

From either side of the room, four corridors lead off. One to the lifts, which will take you to the rest of the ship and one for the stairs, and lifts from which you can access the Vortex Drive. A third to access a medium sized room, which deals with power distribution, and the fourth will take you to the rest of the deck.

As is always necessary in any Engine Section, space is essential because there are lots of Engineers. The corridors on this deck are twice the size to accommodate lots of people during a crisis. Consoles line all of the walls and the large table is covered with them too.

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