Society of the Natashan Nation

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A theocracy like none other based on the Holy Tablets

The Natashan people were obsessed with religion. Religion was the fundamental guiding points of their lives. The government was the Natashan church, and every member of the species lived by the word of that church.

There was never an exact count on the number of gods in the Natashan Nation. However, intensive studies performed by a number of Empeks suggest that there were in excess of 800 million gods throughout the Nation. The High Temple at Laaa'Toooo officially recognised 512 major gods, however always accepted that there were more.

The Natashans based their lives on the Holy Tablets. The 270 Tablets were reproduced many, many times throughout the history of the Nation. A copy of the tablets was kept on every planet, with the originals stored on Laaa'Toooo.

Near the end of the life of the Natashan Nation, many attempts were made by rebels to destroy the Tablets, however none succeeded. Even government officials were not as well guarded as the fundamental pillars of Natashan faith.

Impact of religion on fashion

The tablets required a strict dress code for all Natashans. They were required to wear cloaks and the Empeks were required to carry staffs with the symbol of their god. Natashans were only required to worship a single god, which is one reason for the massive proliferation of the deities, especially on planets further away from the core systems of the Nation.

The central place of prayer, meditation, and chants

Praying, meditation and chanting were large parts of religious life for a Natashan. Two hours after waking and two hours before sleeping were spent practicing religious techniques. One of the most alluring things about Natashan religion, and one of the reasons why it was so successful in the earlier years was mainly due to the latent empathic and telepathic abilities of the Natashans. When a Natashan prays, he is happy. He exudes this happiness empathically and it acts as a kind of "happy drug" for non-Natashan species.

Equality amongst believers and merciless towards non-believers

Amongst Natashans there was total equality. Amongst those who accepted and performed the religion of the Natashan Nation, there was also total equality. However those who did not believe or held other faiths were looked down up as nothing more than animals to be converted by the Nation.

Despite the benign nature of the Natashans when dealing with each other, they could be brutal and ruthless when dealing with those who did not believe. Genocide and mass destruction were caused in the name of the Natashan faith against non-believers, and no one blinked an eyelid. Indeed, they believed what they were doing was perfectly righteous.

Impact of the discovery of Vortex on the Natashans

The Natashans revered and even worshipped Vortex Space. They believed that it was the domain of the gods and that the gods had allowed them access to their domain in order to spread the word of the gods to other races. Before and after a ship entered Vortex Space, a prayer had to be said to the gods, praising their good will in allowing the Natashans to explore space and spread their word.

The Natashan Economy

Money was not a concept that the Natashans understood. There was no economy, and no money. Goods were traded and bartered for, but this was as far as any kind of economic system developed.

Architecture in the Natashan Nation

The architectural style of the Natashan Nation was a thing to behold. Whilst their religion bred acts of violence and of genocide, it also bred magnificent art and beauty.

The Natashan people believed that beauty was a key way to please the gods; therefore painstaking work was put in to making everything they constructed aesthetically pleasing. Their ships, their houses, their offices, even their rubbish bins were make to look as beautiful as possible.

When the Natashans captured a system, they would immediately begin to rebuild many of the buildings in their own style. Colour and aesthetic value were hugely important to the Natashans. Anything that was ugly, overly simple or the wrong colours was considered offensive to the gods and immediately removed.

What the Major Powers of the Known Galaxy Know of the Natashan Nation's Society


Very little indeed is known of the Natashans. The most information that scientists have been able to understand has been taken from the supposedly similar Dividian race.

Many suppositions and theories have been published about the Natashan Nation, however what little fact the scientists do have lead them to believe that the Natashan Nation was an obsessively religious society whose whole life was based around serving their gods.

Several texts discovered point to these gods living and having originated in the centre of the galaxy, but this is just interpretation of an imperfect translation and open to debate.


Although scientists have only been able to study a few Natashan ruins of small, low-level colonies a definite style exists. Even the simplest of buildings have had great care taken in their construction, and many are sights to behold.

The Natashans had good taste when it came to buildings. Anthropologists believe that it was perhaps a cultural feature of the species, but like everything about the Natashans, it would seem that it is intrinsically linked to religion.