After Hera

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Location: TealFox's Bar, Starport Nuribis
In-Story Timestamp: 03/8/2516

"Well, i didn't expect you guys here," The Bartender told me and my comrades. "But, then again, I see a lot here."

"Well yes, it may seem strange. However, seeing as my people have been admitted in a union of some sorts, i thought 'why don't we celebrate'," I responded. After Hera II's successful negotiations, I felt as though this starport would suffice a great deal.

"You came to the right place, Grand Minister," He said, attending a Avran at the same time.

"Please, please, no formalities here; call me Vidus," I replied modestly. "Oh, and maybe bring me a glass of your finest Rosebourg sherry, if possible,"

My cohorts, about five to be precise, each attained their own little shot, or possibly shots, of what this bar had to offer. The sherry i had was of master quality, a taste that was okay to let linger; but i digress. In truth, we needed to talk to each other; the bartender, Xavier Trunks, was kind enough to offer a private, sealed room to converse alone.


"Gentlemen, we've received some grave news; Druid has recently died in a mission on Gohorn Prime," I announced, taking a sip of my drink. "Poor man got captured in his espionage, which means, Pen you'll now be known as Druid in the Order,"

"Yes Bishop. I'll gladly take the offer," The new Druid replied.

"Bishop, doesn't it lead a gap in the Order? Who'll replace the 'Pen' rank?" Rook asked, seemingly annoyed by my quick decision.

"Rook, as of now, no one even comes qualified to even knowing about the Order, let alone become a 'Pen'," I said, giving a disappointed sigh while talking. Only the best of seven become Seventh Order members.

"Then what will become of-" 

"We'll have to wait and see if any citizens display the traits to be worthy,"

"Are you still having hopes for those mysterious Buhaat on Ratel?" It was Knight, an old fool, yet still able to have such audacity to speak in a glorified shout. Good thing this room is sound proof.

"Knight, don't cause a pain in the talon. You don't know what kind of people they are-"

"What you seem to lack is common sense. If over a hundred thousand have failed to show any aptitude, what does two more do?"

"You forget who you're talking to, Knight, i'm still leader of this Order. Two more could change things; remember how we started this faction? Only one; me. Then it grew to seven; us. Now we have a momentum building, now even more so thanks to the success of Hera II. One changed everything. Two could do even more," I took a deep breath, adding another shot of Rosebourg sherry.

"Joker, do you think Bishop is right in trusting in the power of few?" Knight asked her, another, matured individual.

A pause. Then she finally spoke, "In all do respect to both of you, i would like to mention that, while we do have momentum, and two more may stand a chance, we'd better take Knight's word for it, and keep our judgement in a sensible manner,"

What a saddening answer.

"Alright, i'll keep that mind..." I answered grimly. " Sage, why don't you put some old earth music, I'd love to figure out about a song that, apparently showcases a remedy about putting a lime inside of a coconut. Sounds ridiculous, but some humans actually loved it in the 20th century,"

That's right; keep up the nonchalant attitude. It'll all be worth it soon.

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