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A loose confederation of groups and organizations spread out through the inhabited universe. The members are anti-social in the eyes of most in the universe and cooperate to achieve the several ends of the members.

Known members

The New Quadrate
a mixed species group of pirates, it is an organization primarily human but also has members of Gohorn, Leethran, Ventaari, Acadian and Rosebourg crews. The motiviating factor of this group is financial gain. Their base of operations is not known, but they are believed to be working out of Neutal space.

The Knights of Light
A splinter group of religious fanatics trying to take over the Dividian "Faith" or religion. Several leaders of the group have been captured recently and that is how "The Family" has come to light. The group's motivation is power driven. Their base of operations is likely in Dividian system.

The Guild:
An organization of thieves and assassins. The group is an organization to front for thieves and assassins for hire. Very little is known about the composition of the group. They will work for anyone for the right price. The group's function is to provide cover for their adherents and a place for clients to contact their members. The location of their base of operations unknown but believed to be inside the TDR.

The Rosebourg Patriots:
A group that wishes to overthrow the Monarchy, Members are only Navak and Avran. Their purpose is to overthrow the current monarchy and install their own figurehead King. The imputed goal is to isolate The Rosebourgs from the rest of the species and return The Monarchy to its glory days. Their base of operations is guessed to be in the Beta Hydrae System.

There are likely other members of the group, but, there is currrently no information available or even runors to include in this article.
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