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Census Details

Homeworlds: Earth
Major Species: Humans
Territory: 159 star systems
Population: 1.9 trillion inhabitants
Established: 1 Jan, 2136
Sub-Faction: No

Comparative Details

Powerful fighter crafts, economically strong, stable and generally content society
Territorially constrained, popular dislike for long wars, xenophobic tendencies
Social Indicators:
Extremely Wealthy
Tech Level:
Galactic Influence:

Faction’s Details


It is in the mid-22nd Century that the Terran Democratic Republic (T.D.R.) is formed, several decades after Earth was unified and prompted by the inadequacies of the United Nations system to actually govern the planet. The T.D.R. has since evolved retaining only a nostalgic link to its past origins as the United Nations of Earth. After being established, the T.D.R. quickly launched its first colonisation programmes. The Republic is credited with having eradicated most extreme forms of poverty over the centuries through strict competition laws, and a strong economic base, and extensive trade with most of the major factions.

The economic growth of the T.D.R. quickly made it one of the major economic forces of the Milky Way Galaxy, quickly overtaking its ally, the Rosebourg Monarchy, and its top competitor, the Gohorns, as interspecies communication and trade multiplied.

Strong economic growth, a population boom, and limited space to growth have constrained the Republic and threatened its economic stability; a strategic disadvantage owing from it being one of the youngest of the major factions.

It was the T.D.R, by illegally colonising worlds claimed by the Gohorn Directorate, which sowed the seeds of the current war against the Gohorns. It is not the first time that the Terrans and the Gohorns have locked horns with each other having fought a previous war over territories in 2355, and nearly entering war in 2492 (The Spider Cluster Incident). 

Relationship with other factions:
  • Allied with the Rosebourg Monarchy,
  • Full out war with the Gohorns,
  • Neutral towards the Luna Minoris Confederacy.
Notable Personalities:
  • Leader:  Secretary General Jin-Chan
Current Government Type:
The Terran Democratic Republic is a bicameral republic with distinct legislative, executive, and judicial branches.
  • The Secretary General and his Cabinet (Executive Branch)
  • UN House of Representative and (Legislative Branch)
  • Intergalactic Senate (Legislative Branch)
  • The Supreme Court (Judicial Branch)
  • United Nations Planetary Governments

Historical Details:

In the early 2100s, Earth is unified and soon thereafter the Moon and Mars are colonised. The invention of vortex drive in 2120 enables the colonisation of the first human colony on Alpha Centauri in 2135.

The following year, the Terran Democratic Republic is official formed and spearheads efforts to explore space through the Project: Atlas. The first generation of secretary generals prove adept at guiding a unified humanity through the final frontier of space.


The 2200s were marked by major internal strife which threatened to rip the Republic. In 2206, Oliver Nelson became the first TDR Secretary General to be assassinated by a terrorist separatist group from the planet Europa. In 2208 the planet breaks away from Earth and descends into anarchy leading to its expulsion from the TDR. Terrorist attacks on Earth in 2215 aim to bring back the nation-states of the 21st Century and later linked to the sitting Secretary General Al Refelian who is subsequently deposed.

In 2249, separatist groups led by the Europa colony break away and seize countrol of eighteen colonies and form a new government leading to the start of the Colony Wars. The first Terran pirate groups are funded by the break-away government, a pandora's box that will never be sealed again. The wars last 30 years until the Confederacy collapses and the colonies petition to return to the TDR.

In 2295, first contact with the Rosebourg Homeworld leads to the TDR's third renaissance.


Pirate groups begin working together to form huge criminal empires that target both the Terran Democratic Rebpulic and their new friends, the Rosebourg Monarchy. The Quadrate, an organisation made up of four priate groups prove particularly adept at attacking and plundering shipping lanes. In 2317, TDR forces attacked the Quadrate homeworld of Convenant Prime and capture it imprisoning the leaders and killing Quadrate leader Yuri Rosoff.

The UNSS Victory, an exploration vessel exploring the former territories of the Natashan Nation is lost with all hands and legislation is passed declaring the territory a no-go area.

In 2353, first contact between the Gohorns and the Terrans leads to the decimation of the Terran colonising group sent to colonise Lavelle (or Ulure IV to the Gohorns). In 2355, the first Terran-Gohorn War begins, leading to an armistice in 2362 following the Battle for Rokar VII. The threat of war looms high again in 2394, but are eventually halted by the Architect master plan for the Organisation of Interstellar Peace first proposed in 2393.


Having supported a successful Gohorn regime change in the early 2400s, the TDR then joins the Organisation for Interstellar Peace founded in 2407 as one of its most fervant advocates. The OIP era enables a TDR economic boom in the 2410s.

Despite having illictly supported regime change, the TDR and Gohorn problem threatened to descend into war again in 2431 - stopped only by skillful diplomatic work of the Architects.

Economic treaties in 2447 signed with the LMC continue to bring prosperity to the Republic prompting a continuation of space expansion Project Actlas in 2450.

The TDR subsequently sponsors the entry of the LMC into the OIP in 2455 and then props up the failing economy of their long-time allies, the Rosebourgs in 2484 through the Support Against Rosebourg Depression Treaty.

The TDR seizes control of Lorn V and Griffin Prime in 2490 despite Gohorn official protests and increasing tensions with pirates in 2491 and the Gohorns in 2492 during the Spider Cluster Incident prompts increases in military spending.


In 2500, the Gohorns openly call for the end of the Project Atlas as a number of disputed planets are planned for colonisation. The TDR ignores these concerns and when the OIP sides with the Gohorns, the TDR refuses to back down, leading to the Gohorns declaring war in 2501 and prompting the star of the Second Terran-Gohorn War.

In 2502, honouring alliance terms with the Terran Democratic Republic, the Rosebourg Monarchy announces it will join the war on the Terran side.

Social, Economic, Cultural Details:

The economy of the early 26th century is mainly free market, with a mixture of mega-corporations, planetary corporations and colonial corporations. Competition laws are strong in the Republic, keeping tight restrictions on mega-corporations and stopping them from becoming monopolies.

Economic growth in the Republic is strong, thanks to low interest rates and high demand. The economic policies of the Jin Chan Administration have been successful in achieving their goals, as the Republic's economy is the strongest it has been in almost a century. The demand has been mainly centred on capital goods, giving the TDR a strong economic base at the start of the Second Terran/Gohorn War.

The currency of the TDR is the credit. The Republic maintains a healthy import/export balance; Republic corporations export a lot of goods to the Rosebourg Monarchy, a situation made more favourable for them because of government encouragement and incentives to do so in order to buoy the Monarchy's floundering economic situation. Unemployment, especially among the middle classes, is very low.

Some old demons of Earth also continue to haunt it, prejudice of telepaths (despite only counting 58.000 in the T.D.R.) and aliens can sometimes pose problems for the T.D.R. Government. Humans can still, at times, be stubborn, prejudiced and self-assured…  

Military Details:

There are a number of military branches all united under the same namesake, the United Nations Permanent Peacekeeping Force (or UNPPF). They continue to be nicknamed the blue helmets. It remains the standing military of the TDR, with a strong tradition emanating from its origins as the operating arm of the United Nations: 

  • United Nations Permanent Peacekeeping Force (UNPPF) Space Navy
  • UNPPF Army
  • UNPPF Fighter
  • Terran Operational Special Forces (TOSEF)

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