Starships of the UNPPF

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Listing of the major classes currently in active service in the United Nations Permanent Peacekeeping Force

  • Flagship
    U.N.S.S. Avenger

  • Dreadnought
    Dreadnought Class

  • Heavy Battleship
    Ticonderoga Class

  • Light Battleship
    Bismarck Class

  • Fightercraft Carrier Mark II
    Caesar Class

  • Fightercraft Carrier
    De Gaulle Class

  • Battle Cruiser
    Titan Class

  • Cruiser
    Normandy Class

  • Torpedo Cruiser
    London Class

  • Destroyer
    Catalena Class

  • Light Destroyer
    Melbourne Class

  • Frigate
    Okinawa Class

  • Corvette
    Cluster Class

  • Scout
    Hermes Class

  • Troop Transport
    Walker Class

  • Repair Vessel
    Corsair Class

  • Cargo Vessel
    Xavier Class

  • Hospital Ship
    Nagasaki Class
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