Government of the Dividians

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Transition from a religious government to a new form

The government of The Dividian Systems was for most of the history of the species and the associated species, been simple, The Faith or the Religion of Divid was the authority to which the populace subscribed. Recently that has been changing.

The Vizriag and The Glazenrot

Originally, the ruling power was invested in The Vizriag, assumed by most outsiders as High Elder, the more literal translation is Mouth or Mouthpiece. The Vizriag's rulings are sacrosanct and no one in direct memory can remember when the decision of The Vizriag was not final. The Glazenrot (High Council of Faith), at least as a structure was equal in power to The Vizriag, though functionally, it was subservient.

The members of The Glazenrot are selected from Empek Nat (The House of Empeks) by an agreement between the Vizriag and The Glazenrot (literally The Group of Righteous Friends) The Glazerot nominating and The Vizriag confirming (or vetoing as one may interpret.)

Strong Local Government

There has always been a secular administration or government in all localities, cities, or townships. These always consisted of a Counsel and a Mayor, both popularly elected. This arrangement was allowed the greatest degree of latitude and comprised the bulk of the day to day governing of The Dividians. This had also a very interesting effect of a very independent population, though all would be subject to The Faith's authority.

The Teutinrot

Recently, with the of admission the League in to the LMC, there has been the development of a Dividian League wide Secular body of government called The Teutinrot (The Group of Advisors or Counsellors), this organization is referred to in The Galaxy as The High Counsellors. The group has not gone strictly against the religious leadership at this point, however there have been instances of it flexing its political muscle.