Military Hover-Crafts

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Artillery (Surface-to-Air)

The surface-to-air missile batteries are very powerful platforms, they can be equipped with missiles capable of taking down starships, or targeting hover-vehicles and fightercrafts.

Artillery (Surface-to-Surface)

The artillery batteries are designed to fire heavy shells from the surface to other surface targets - usually other ground troops. They are quite deadly and are often capable of supporting a variety of missile types (e.g. shrapnel, flares, etc.)

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The most powerful combat vehicle in any ground force. It packs a much stronger punch than a laser-rifle. It has a more diverse weapons platform - anti-personnel rifle guns, and often one or two anti-fightercraft missiles, the hover-tank is the most powerful combat vehicle of any ground force

Hover Medical Extraction Carrier

Bringers of hope in battlefields of despair, similar to the Armoured Hover Personnel Carrier, the medical extraction carrier has within it all of the equipment you'd expect of a future ambulance. They are not armed, and usually have a medical bunk or two within their holds.

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Armoured Hover-Personnel Carrier (AHPC)

They bring the troops to the frontlines, and back home to safety. These are the vehicles that bring the bulk of troops to the front. They tend to have heavy armour and light anti-personnel weaponry.

Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)

The twilight of one of the ground force's most reliable units, the technology of the armoured personnel carrier is ready to eclipse itself out by the time New Worlds begins. These vehicles are however, fast and small - they can carry usually half of a squad (5 people) and are akin to future versions of 4x4s.

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Tank-Buster Hover-Craft

The future of helicopter gun-boats, these hover-crafts are fast moving vehicles that pack within them enough armament to take down several hover-tanks at a time.

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