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Census Details

Homeworlds: Garoth
Major Species: Garoth
Territory: 1 star systems
Population: 20 billion inhabitants
Sub-Faction: No

Comparative Details

Resilient, strong survival instinct
Risk averse
Social Indicators:
Tech Level:
Galactic Influence:

Faction’s Details


The Garothian people are considered appeasers amongst most of the neutral worlds. There is a saying that "If you need someone to bend backwards for you just so you won't hurt them, to turn a Garothian."

However, this appeasing nature of their personality comes from a deeply ingrained element of their cultural identity, fear of Gohorn invasion.

The prospect has become a reality several times, but each time the Garothians were able to avoid serious damage, except that it has pushed them to extremes in avoiding another conflict with the Gohorns.

Relationship with other factions:
  • Extremely fearful of the Gohorns
Current Government Type:
The Garoth people have a simple governmental system, in which they vote for their leader who then appoints a cabinet, who are responsible for running the planet for 10 years with the assistance of the non-partisan civil service.
Social, Economic, Cultural Details:
Nicknamed as the appeasers, Garothians consider the Gohorns both their greatest enemy, and the race whom they should most avoid. Some might say that their fear of Gohorn invasion is even more deeply rooted than that of the Ventaar society.

The Garothians are an incredibly no-nonsense species, preferring direct statements and a simple life. This comes from the kind of conditions in which they evolved, where survival was the only thing the early Garothians could hope to achieve.
Military Details:
The military of the Garothians is actually quite strong, it has been built up over the years because of repeated Gohorn attempts at invasion, which one way or another were rebuffed (though only once militarily.)
Additional Details:

The homeworld of the Garothians, Garoth VII is an ice-planet, with temperatures around an average of 200 kelvin (-73 degress celcius).

 This means that the Garothian people can only tolerate very low temperatures, forcing them to use environmental suits on most other worlds.

 This obscures their features, but underneath they are a fur-covered species, possessing four arms, one eye and very sharp teeth.

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