Herman-Dubroux (Lieutenant Commander)

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Basic Information

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Profession: Commanding Officer of the RRGS Augusta
Age: 35 years old
Date of Birth: 07 September, 2468
Height: 2 m
Weight: 75 kg
Eye: Green
Skin/Fur: Grey fur
Species: Avran
Citizenship: Rosebourg Monarchy
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single

Family History

Parents: Herman (father), Dubroux (mother)

Character’s Biography

Personal History:

Child-hood and Adolescence

Herman-Dubroux is the result of a wedding which was willing to put the societal norms to the test. Her father, Herman, was issued of an affluent "politician" family that was well known within the ranks of the political elite. Her mother, Dubroux, was issued of an equally well known "warrior" family that was known within the ranks of the warrior elite. The marriage was precariously held, with many pressuring for it to break up. The result was that Herman and Dubroux never gave birth to another child.

Herman-Dubroux lived a difficult life, her mother was always away on assignment, while her father seemed more pre-occupied with his political career than her. Herman-Dubroux soon showed signs of a child ill-taken care of, and it soon became clear to her parents that Herman-Dubroux had difficulties relating to other Avran children. Uncertain of her identity, Herman-Dubroux was shipped off to the Avran Boarding School.

Under the tutelage of a Navak teacher there, Herman-Dubroux made the decision when she turned 16 to apply to join the Royal Guard.

The Academy

Having passed her entry exams to join the Royal Guard, Herman-Dubroux underwent the standard field training.

Her mother's genes served her well in the Royal Guard's Academy, she performed well in all of her classes, though she never developed any deep friendships while staying at the Academy.

Her teachers remember her most for her ability to stay in front of books for hours on hand in order to know the text books inside and out.

Career History

Having specialised in Space Navigation, the graduated Royal guardsman was assigned to a Royal Guard starship, the R.R.G.S. Tannoya. As pilot of the 2nd Shift, the talent of Herman-Dubroux was quickly remarked by the Captain and the Chief Navigations Officer there. Offered a chance to show her stuff at the annual Rosebourg Fleet Maneuvers Competition, the Tannoya for the first time reached the semi-finals thanks in part to Herman-Dubroux's great skills.

Herman-Dubroux was promoted a year after her assignment to the Tannoya, and was again promoted the year after. Having reached her potential on the Tannoya, and with no chance to move up, the new Lieutenant was transferred to the Carta when they lost their Chief Navigations Officer.

At the CONN, Herman-Dubroux succesfully piloted the Carta to and from her destination. She received two seperate commendations for her excellent work, and received a promotion to Lieutenant in 2499.

She quickly became mentioned amongst the small tight-knit Royal Guards circle as one of the favorites to take over the newest command post that was going to open up within the Royal Guard, that of the new Royal Guard DDG joining the fleet, the Augusta.

The whispers proved true, the King, having been impressed by her career record, promoted Herman-Dubroux to Lt. Cmdr. and assigned her the command of the new Augusta. The Augusta would have a chance to complete her primary mission task, when on 501.03.07, it would succesfully rescue a Prince from Gohorn territory.

Her succesful deployment would not be without repurcussions however, as several weeks later the Rosebourg and the Gohorns declared war on one another. The Augusta has since been assigned as one of the starship escort of the Crown's flag vessel.

Several years later, the Augusta was chosen for a patrol run along the Terran-Gohorn war zone. The goal of this patrol run was to ascertain whether or not Rosebourg involvement should be increased along the war zone and what sort of assistance would be most useful. On 503.09.23, the Augusta completed this patrol run - cataloguing what could have been a serious diplomatic incident involving Gohorn POWs taken in by the Augusta.

Promotion and Transfer Records
  • Entered Royal Guard Academy HD:486.07.07
  • Graduated Royal Guard Academy HD: 494.04.05
  • Assigned R.R.G.S. Tannoya HD: 494.06.02
  • Promoted to Senior Ensign (R.R.G.S. Tannoya ) HD: 495.06.02
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Jr. Grade (R.R.G.S. Tannoya ) HD: 496.06.02
  • Transferred R.R.G.S. Carta as Chief Navigations Officer HD: 496.12.01
  • Promoted to Lieutenant (R.R.G.S. Carta) HD: 499.03.09
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Cmdr. (Royal Guard Command) HD: 500.09.13
  • Transferred to R.R.G.S. Augusta as Commanding Officer HD: 500.10.12

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Author’s Notes on the Character:

Like most royal guardswoman before her, Herman-Dubroux determined early on in her life that she wanted to not only live a military life but also to live one which would be devoted to the Crown. The decision to lead such a life has been marked by the woman's desire to command a starship, an aspiration which she has succeeded in doing at the expense of a social life worth mentioning.


Herman-Dubroux is gifted with a quirky sense of humour that she unfortunately rarely shows. Professionalism is her calling card, and she runs a very tight ship. The Augusta is very much the result of this professionalism, one of the best performing starships in the Royal Guard element of the Rosebourg military.

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