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haberdan collective

Census Details

Homeworlds: Haberdan, Offwat, Qaters, Minjomsh, Kilos
Major Species: Habderdans, Watens, Qaten, Minjomshi, Kilosen
Territory: 4 star systems
Sub-Faction: No

Comparative Details

Social Indicators:
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Galactic Influence:

Faction’s Details

A minor empire close to the Former Territories of the Natashan Nation, the races of the Haberdan Collective's four star systems are widely regarded as having a strong sense of greed and materialism, to the point where their reputation amongst the galaxy community is not good. Each system is home to a different species, the Haberdans, the Watens, Qaten, Minjomshi and Kilosen.

The Haberdan Collective was conceived around the same time as the Luna Minoris Confederacy, and had much the same original goal. However, the reputations of the founding members meant that further growth for the Collective was not a possibility.

It is rumoured that the Haberdans know and use the only safe access route in to the Former Territories of the Natashan Nation. It is believed that they feed of the profits of advanced technologies which they bring back, and then claim they invented. However, if they do have access to this route, the location is an incredibly well guarded secret.

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