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Basic Details

Dividian Male 1600 x 1200 43
Key Species Traits: Nocturnal, faithful and pious, conservative, temperamental
Original Homeworld(s): Divid I (Divid Star System)
Faction(s) where found: Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds
Population: 150 billion

Physical Characteristics

Average Height: 2 to 3 m
Biological Traits:
  • Have evolved as cave dwellers
  • Large flabby ears, very small eyes, sensory antennae
  • Skin extremely sensitive to sunlight, nocturnal species
  • Colour blind,
  • Acute sense of smell and touch

Relationships and Family Structures:

Relationships and sexual behaviour:
  • Parenting pairs are known as life mates.
Family Structures:
  • Early childhood is spent with parents,
  • When child reaches 10-11 years, s/he selects a religious order to form her/him
  • When the child finishes the rite of completion, the child is returned to the family
  • In adulthood, the individual will perform the role given during formative years

Societal Structures

Societal details:
  • Religion at the heart of society, with a central faith, the polytheistic religion Vizien (or the Faith). Dividians seek to emulate the Vizier of Stability
    • Each god (Viziers) represents qualities or faults of the Dividians.
    • Many expressions of the Faith tolerated through Viziers (Orders)
    • New Viziers still created to this day
  • Religious Government run by the Dividian Vizriag (High Elder to outsiders)
    • Glazenrot (High Council of Faith) is its leading assembly
  • Growing number of atheists is threatening the hegemony of religion
  • Live underground in cities which match the colours of the rock
  • Have started to expand above ground, but cities tend to be bland and functional
  • Deep distrust of Rosebourgs and Terrans owing to past violent conflict
  • Secular Government runs day-to-day matters with a popularly elected Counsel and Mayor at local level, and a Teutinrot (Group of Advisers) interstellar governing body.
  • Dividians place great importance on titles
  • All go through two major rites in their lifetime:
    • Rite of completion – a form of graduation from the religious order
    • Chod Nad Yral – a maturation rite, mistaken by outsiders as a marriage
      • In Chod Nad Yral, a male (Raquan) and female (Saran) complete the rite together. These are not necessarily mating pairs.


Common phrases used:
  • “May the Viziers"
  • Raqual - a term of endearment from an Elder to a junior Dividian; Siral is female equivalent.

For Information

Additional Details:
  • Naming convention: Given name from parents. Surname is location of their Chod Nad Yral.
  • Outwardly pious and conservative
  • Can be very conflicted internally and a tendency towards violence
  • Deeply respectful of societal structures and achieving harmony in a group

Useable by other New Worlds team members: Yes

Dividians by David Collins

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