Dividian Militia of the Faith

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The Militia of the Faith

The Dividian military is best described as religiously based but very familiar as to function. In an overall situation all Dividians, (male and female) are part of The Militia of Faith and in their initial assignment out of the school, they receive basic military training. They train in marksmanship and defence techniques.

The 5 military viziers

Interestingly, those that show a good aptitude are allowed to leave their original schooling for one of the 5 military Viziers. The Vizier of the Defenders of The Caves, The Vizier of the Defenders of the Seas, The Vizier of the Defenders of the Mountains, The Vizier of The Defenders of The Orb and The Vizier of War.

All The orders of these Viziers, save one, train their adherents in the manner of fighting for the specific areas that are named. There was historically an order of The Vizier of War, that brought the unbelieving back into the fold. The universal acceptance of The Faith, rendered this Vizier into retirement.

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