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Interstellar mega-corporation that produces communications, entertainment equipment and services, media and holographic channels for both.

Grivyk Technology and Services or GTS has been in business for more than 130 years. GTS was founded by Forsyth Grivyk I on Earth as a humble media company. The quality and type of the of the programming was a hit. The public loved what GTS, then Home Media Network, was producing. Within a year the company had branched into newspaper, Vortex-radio and live theatrical productions which is it also aired and recorded on its own network.

For 35 years the company prospered and grew a huge following of supporters, viewers, reporters and enemies. In that time, the company had expanded to Earth's moon and Mars, eventually moving beyond the boarders of the Sol system. The company hadn't produced a new idea or product for several years and was beginning to loose profits.

Expansion into the LMC

Grivyk I decided, in bold and daring move, to develop Vortex telecommunications and expand into Luna Minoris Confederacy space. While voice-only, it was only mildly successful and continued to stay in this vane until Grivyk I retired and Grivyk II took over.

The quest for more profitability

Grivyk II led the company back to profitability by improving the quality of it's Vortex telecommunications and adding holographic capabilities. Grivyk II began to invest more money into developing its technologies. Only after adding holographic capabilites did the Vortex telecommunications become the success that Grivyk I had meant it to be in the LMC.

Expansion into the last remaining major markets and the birth of GTS

After leading the company for more than 55 years, Grivyk II retired and Grivyk III took control. Shortly after taking the reigns of the now popular and hugely successful company, Grivyk III restructured the company and named it GTS.

During the restructure, Grivyk III determined that it's workers were being under paid. While keeping VP salaries at current levels, he gradually raised worker salaries 10% over a 13 year period and increased general benefits. This move caught other's companies media's attention and was a major new topic. Naturally, this increased profits and greatly satisfied GTS employees.

Grivyk III obtained permission from the O.I.P. to approach the Gohorn Directorate about brining GTS' products and services to its space. While unsuccessful in this endeavour, Grivyk III learned more than he could have hoped for, providing him with the right tools to expand farther into LMC space and bring it's products to the Rosebourg Monarchy. Grivyk III reduced funding to technology research and development.

Grivyk III governed the company for 36 years before his untimely death. Grivyk IV took over the century-old company. GTS had been providing media, products and services for more than 130 years when Grivyk IV took over.

From entertainment to other activities

Grivyk IV dramatically increased technology R&D at the same time signing a secret contract with the UNPPF to develop and produce weapon systems, advanced sensor packages and various other products.

Grivyk IV led the company for 6 years before putting the company into and auto-pilot mode so that he could pursue other endeavours. Those endeavours have not been disclosed at this time.


This article was originally proposed by a creative writing project team member: Ignominy.

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