Navak Society in the 26th Century

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Arnou Matte Painting by Christian Hecker


Rosebourg society is the result of hundreds of years of cultural diffusion between the Navaks and the Avrans that has allowed for a fairly permissive society that for the most part honours the privacy of individuals and their households. Rosebourg society is, however, polarized, with a distinct Navak society often clashing with a distinct Avran society. These clashes have become subdued due to a perceived humanization of the outer colonies governed by the provincial government of the Outer Province.

An Aristocratic Society

Navak society is on the whole more aristocratic and more religious than Avran society. Navak society has been influenced on the whole by the political system that has ruled it for several millenniums, and this has helped to make Navak society on the whole unoptimistic about changes that are taking place in Rosebourg society as a whole. The Navak society is also affected by its aristocratic organization, with the Crown at the highest pedestal, followed by nobles and clergymen, followed by the middle-class, and a large lower class.

Religion: Important but Declining Role in Society

Religion holds a very important, yet declining place in Navak society. Most Navaks belong to the Drakaz Reformed Church, the Drakaz Orthodoxy, or the Drakaz Vales. Drakaz are considered to be a group of gods that were responsible for the Big Bang, and the evolution of life on every single planet - they are responsible for life and death, and chose the King or Queen to serve as an example for society. It is estimated 55% of Navaks belong to one of the three Churches. Religion plays in particular an important role in soldiers' lives, giving them comfort.

Poverty & the Role of Government

It is estimated that half of the Navak people live in poverty; many Navak cities have on the outskirts massive shantytowns where the poorer Navak people live. This cycle of poverty has begun to be relieved primarily due to work by provincial governments to make these shanty-towns more clean, and respectable. Prostitution, drugs, and crime remain a daily part of poor citizens' lives, however, with many have no idea what is outside of their own shantytowns and the police forces turning a blind eye. Increases in provincial government funding, in due part to an increasingly efficient tax-collecting system has also helped to create new government programs that are very socialistic in nature and that have tried to tackle these problems.

Navak society, despite its economic disparity, is a very permissive society that has come to accept diversity as being a necessity for the improvement of Navak society. It has incorporated many socialist ideas from Avran society into its own culture, creating a population that expects much of government participation in economic affairs. The Navak are fairly well read, with an 89% literary rate society-wide, the number of illiterate people rise dependant primarily on their economic status in society.


In the Monarchy, cloning has been viewed with disdain. The majority of the public have voiced outright opposition to any cloning on any level. It is believed, however, that the Rosebourg Monarchy has undertaken a series of secret biological engineering experiments. Several attempts by the O.I.P. to investigate these allegations have proved impossible... the government being opposed to assisting the O.I.P. inspectors.

News Services in the Monarchy

The Rosebourg Monarchy's population is used to huge involvement on the part of the government in the delivery of news to its population. As a result of certain treaties governing free trade between the Terran Democratic Republic and the Rosebourg Monarchy, however, the monopoly the Monarchy has held on its news services has been broken.

Now, alongside the state-run news service, major planets also have the ability to receive Terran and some Luna Minoris news broadcasts. This, however, is a development that has only affected the most cosmopolitan of the Rosebourg planets. It is estimated that for every one time a person watches a Terran news channel, Rosebourg state-run media has been watched ten times.

Navak architecture style

The cities of the Rosebourg Monarchy are a prime example of the dualism that exists within that society. There are two styles of cities that exist within the Rosebourg Monarchy, and this is dependent on the founder of the cities.

If a city is Navak, the city will tend to be grandiose, with all the buildings designed as crystal. Interestingly enough, each city will have a large Rosebourg palace. Equally interesting to mention is that human European palace construction has found a similarity with Rosebourg palace construction styles. Archaeologists have been trying to find the answer to this riddle, with little success.

Navak buildings are equally beautiful to the eye because all of the buildings have been built out of crystal, with most having triangular roofs. (The Rosebourg Monarchy has been blessed with the largest surplus of crystal in the entire universe).